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12 Reasons Sex is Good For Your Health



Who needs encouragement to have sex? Well… probably more of us than we’d like to admit. Sex is awesome but it can also get put to one side in the busy rush of our everyday lives. Yet, there are some incredibly good reasons to get a regular bonk in each day and most of them pertain to our health. Now, if only we could get our doctor to write a prescription for it.

Sex Boosts Your Immune Systems


If you’re always coming down with a cold or the flu; it might be time to spend more time in bed when you’re feeling good. There’s strong evidence that having sex boosts our immune system and that our antibody count rises dramatically when we’re doing the horizontal bop at least three times a week. So if you want to avoid taking another sick day then the best medicine might just be nocturnal fun.

You Can Count Sex as Part of Your Exercise Regime


Whilst rumors that sex is as good as running a marathon are definitely exaggerated – there’s plenty of evidence to say that the motion and increased heart rate of sexual activity are equivalent to some medium paced exercise. That means if you can get an hour of sex daily; you can skip going to the gym instead. Surely it’s better to spend time with a loved one than being shouted at by a personal trainer?

It’s an Easy Way to Do Pelvic Floor Exercises


Both men and women are encouraged to do Kegel exercises. That is to keep the contents of our bladders inside except when we’re in the privacy of a toilet and ready to let them go. While it is possible to do Kegel exercises without having sex; the easiest and most fun way to do them is just to get naked and go with the flow. The pelvic muscles only weaken when they’re not in use and the throes of orgasm are the best way to get them working again.

Sex is a Great Way to Be Happy


There’s a chemical called oxytocin. Oxytocin is released whenever we are bonding with someone and in particular when we cuddle someone or when we’re making love to them. What does oxytocin do? Well according to research – it makes us happy and it cements the relationships we have. The more sex you have, the happier you’ll feel and the closer you’ll be to your partner. That’s a great benefit because when we’re happy – we’re less stressed and stress is very much known to be bad for your health.

Sex Makes Us Brighter


When you have an orgasm; you might be surprised to learn – blood rushes to the brain. That blood flow can stimulate the brain into producing new neurons. Those neurons are responsible for memory storage. So the more times you come; the smarter you will be. That could make revising for exams a whole lot more fun than back in our day too.

Sex Prevents Prostate Cancer


The ladies might not be happy to hear this but research at the University of Montreal found that the more women a man has had sex with; the less likely he is to get prostate cancer. In fact men who’ve been with more than 20 women have a one-third lower chance of getting the disease. We don’t recommend that you excuse infidelity with; “I was doing it for my prostate.” though. Why might this be good for your prostate? It ensures a regular cycling of the contents of the prostate .

Casual Sex Can Improve Your Self-Esteem


Cornell and New York Universities found that people who engage in casual sex often feel better about themselves than those who do not. Of course this is only true if you approach casual sex with the attitude that it’s fun – those who enjoy a guilt trip about “spoiling something special” aren’t going to get that boost.

Sex Is Good For the Skin


Dermatologists allege that one of the byproducts of good sex is an anti-inflammatory bath for the skin created by the neurochemicals you release. We’re not entirely sure that we buy this but at least it’s cheaper than skincare regimes purchased from a pharmacy. It is certainly true that the body produces estrogen when having sex and that’s good for avoiding acne.

People With Kinks Are Less Neurotic


The Journal of Sexual Medicine says it – so it must be true. There’s some serious evidence that people who enjoy a little (or indeed a lot) of BDSM and kink related activity are less likely to neurotic and are more likely to enjoy better mental health than those who abstain. This may simply be because those with kinks are better able to know and obtain what they want.

Forget The Aspirin – Have Sex


Sex releases a bunch of chemicals into the bloodstream called endorphins. Endorphins have a couple of functions; firstly – they make you happy (see we told you sex makes you happy) and secondly – they act as a natural painkiller. Yes, “not tonight dear, I have a headache” is exactly the wrong thing to say. Get jiggy and you’ll soon be saying goodbye to that headache and having much more fun than wrestling with the childproof cap on a bottle of aspirin.

Penetrative Sex Relieves Stress


OK, if you’re at all squeamish about sex terms – you might want to look away now. Research from the University of Paisley in Scotland found that sex significantly reduces your stress levels but – they stress – it’s only sex when a penis goes inside a vagina that they found this to be true for. So you do need an actual partner and masturbation doesn’t count.

Sex Helps You Sleep


That oxytocin from earlier on combines with cortisol (which is also released by having sex) to make us sleepy. So if you can’t sleep at night; wake your partner up and get the cure from them. There’s an added benefit to this too – people who sleep more are more likely to want more sex the next day. So, it’s a virtuous cycle of love making to put an end to sleepless nights and insomnia.

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