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12 of the Funniest News Segments and Interviews


The greatest thing about news segments, and interviews in particular, is that you really never know what’s going to happen. Whether it’s the reporter or the witness, odds are that somebody is going to say or do something at some point that’s worth recording and uploading to YouTube — and that’s exactly why we’re here today. These are the 12 funniest news segments and interviews that have been making their way around the Web.

Man’s best friend

Back in April of this year, Ray Graham became an instant YouTube hit after an interview on the Australian news show A Current Affair. Things seemed boring enough when he voiced his concerns over the dangerous dogs terrorizing his neighborhood — that is, until he started making savage dog sounds — an impression that earned him the nickname, “Psycho Dog Man.” You’d think that such a nickname might be taken badly, but he gladly accepted it and even answers to the monicker. His 15 minutes of fame have definitely played out by now, but his Facebook fan page is still going strong at over 24,000 likes. As for his wife, she told A Current Affair that after 34 years of marriage, nothing really surprised her anymore.

Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife

Oh, where do we start? Just in case you’ve just spent the last several months living in a cave: Antoine Dodson is guy from Alabama that was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate after his sister was attacked in their home. It wasn’t just any interview in the projects, either; it was more of an epic tirade of biblical proportions. The video went completely viral, and further rocketed into popularity once the Gregory Brothers remixed his interview — auto-tune style — into the “Bed Intruder Song.” Antoine has since started his own (over 156,000 strong) Facebook fan page and put up a website. He’s been interviewed on The Today Show, and his single has sold over 30,000 copies on iTunes — it even debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 back in August at #86. Dodson receives 50% of the revenue from the song, and he’s actually made enough already to buy his family a new house. Hopefully they won’t have to worry about break-ins anymore! Oh, and make sure to vote for him for AskMen.com’s Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2010.

Wiener poopie ransom note

This segment began mildly enough, but started snowballing into something else very quickly. As if it weren’t ridiculous enough that the local news crews went out to an old lady’s house to report on the fact that a Jesus statue had been stolen from her front yard, they decided to go ahead and film a complete story and report on it. The interview was tame, even to the point of being repetitive and boring, but the ransom note was pure comedy gold. Just showing the note to the camera several times was enough to get just about anybody to chuckle, but the reporter’s mocking tone as he read the note aloud was almost too much to handle.

Cleveland bear sighting

It’s refreshing to see a reporting team that has a sense of humor. Cleveland resident Tina Marason spotted a black bear in her back yard and called 911 immediately. The local Fox affiliate grabbed an interview with her — but she wasn’t the funny one. Apparently that local Fox affiliate didn’t have access to stock footage of a black bear in the woods, so the news team nabbed a cardboard cutout of a black bear and used it in their recreations of the scene, with their reporter “running” it around the woods and “climbing” it up the trees. We don’t even want to know where he got his hands on the squirrel costume, either.

Hoodrat stuff

We’re not sure what 7-year old knows how to drive, but somehow Latarion Milton does. This little guy stole his grandmother’s car keys and decided to take a joy ride in her SUV — wrecking mailboxes and tons of cars along the way. His joy ride was put to an immediate stop when he went off the road and broke the axle of the vehicle. Although he could have hurt himself — and others — his interview with the local news was golden. When asked why he did what he did, he said “I wanna do it ’cause it’s fun… it’s fun to do bad things… I wanted to do hood-rat stuff with my friends.” Well, his hood-rat shenanigans didn’t stop there — soon after the joy riding incident, he beat up on his grandmother at a Wal-Mart when she wouldn’t buy him chicken wings.

Git… GIT!

Bigfoot stories have circulated in folklore for decades, and he apparently lives in Cleveland County, South Carolina. Tim Peeler was out one day calling for coyotes, but attracted the mythical Bigfoot beast instead. Our favorite quote from Mr. Peeler: “This thang was tin fewt tawl… he had be-yoo-tiful hayer!” Good thing he “rough-talked” him out of there, Bigfoot is known to steal chickens straight from the coop — and who knows what other flesh he hungers for. â€¨â€¨

He doesn’t like lizards

It’s a good thing that the reporter in this shot has a generally easy-going personality, because anybody else who went through that big a conniption on camera would likely have run off the stage in a fit of embarrassment. â€¨â€¨

They shot the rubber

Eyewitness accounts are usually not as fun to watch as this one. In fact, eyewitness accounts tend to be pretty simple, and often lacking vital information — but this woman has it down. She’s quite the animated storyteller and whether or not everything she said was a lie, we want to listen to more. Though, we have to admit, we have no idea what she meant by her final statement. “They shot the rubber?” Rubber bullets? Box of condoms? Or was it “they shot the robber?” We’ll likely never know, since the original news footage never came with a background story.

I like turtles

Somehow, we think that the reporter in this interview thought she was going to get a whole lot more out of that kid than she did. And here we thought zombies were supposed to like brains.

Leprechauns spotted in Alabama

Turns out that Bigfoot isn’t the only mythical creature out and about these days. Folks in the Crichton neighborhood of Mobile, Alabama gathered in droves a few years ago to catch a glimpse of the elusive leprechaun rumored to be visiting. Some aren’t so convinced: “It could be a crackhead that got into the wrong stuff!” Others have gone all out, preparing for their encounter with the leprechaun: “This is a special leprechaun flute passed down thousands of years from my great-great grandfather. Who was Irish. I’m just trying to help out.” Now, we’re not about to call that man a liar, but we’re not so sure about his story, either. The best part of this video though has to be the amateur sketch at 0:45 seconds in. No words.

I have no secrets

It’s difficult to actually quantify the awesomeness of the woman interviewed in this short clip, but there’s no doubt about it — she’d probably spent the bulk of her adult life holding onto that line for the one moment when she’d finally be in front of a television camera.

The epic standoff

All this reporter wanted was a quick soundbite from the locals about the city’s new water restrictions, but this old man wasn’t about to make it easy for him. The old guy probably knew full well that he was breaking the rules! Being the rogue that he was though, he stayed tight-lipped against the reporter, staring him down to the bitter end.


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