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12 Lesser Known but Equally Hot Sisters of Celebs


Hollywood starlets and internationally recognized supermodels are always being touted for their beauty and style, but we don’t often hear about their sisters. These are 12 women who, compared to their famous sisters, are relatively unknown. They’re also at least just as hot as their famous siblings, if not hotter.

Dedee Pfeiffer

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Dedee is the younger and almost completely overlooked younger sibling to the much lusted-over Michelle Pfeiffer. If you ask 100 random people if Michelle had a sister in showbiz, 98 of them would probably shake their heads “no,” but Dedee’s been in TV and film since 1985. She just hasn’t ever played a role so big that she was remembered for it. Her closest claim to fame (other than by sorority) has been in TV’s Cybill, where she played Cybill Shepherd’s daughter.

Casey Patridge

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The younger sister of Audrina Patridge is, unsurprisingly, extraordinarily hot. She’s also married and just had the second of two children, but unlike most Hollywood moms, she didn’t lose her figure in the process. She’s done the random photo shoot before, but her main goal these days is a makeup line that she’s working to get rolling. Casey’s like a heavily-tattooed, younger, hotter, maternal version of Audrina. We’re down with that. You can catch her blog here.

Dannii Minogue

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Alright, Dannii Minogue is a pretty big thing in her native land of Australia, but here in the U.S. it’s pretty much all about her big sister Kylie. While she never came up with anything as big as Locomotion, she’s done alright for herself, and even had a streak of huge success in the UK club charts. Unfortunately, it’s always been a bit hit-or-miss for Dannii, and she’s spent time outside of the music scene — like working a gig as an eye-candy presenter on TV’s X Factor.

Hania Barton

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Hania is Mischa Barton’s little sister, and she takes after her sister in more ways than one. Aside from looking eternally underage and having somewhat of a haphazard TV/film career (which is comprised of 2 items IMDB), Hania also enjoys the chemical substances a bit too much. She had her first stay in rehab back in 2007, when she was only 19. Mischa said that made her pretty upset, but what’d she expect?

Monica Cruz

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Monica is the slightly more normal-looking younger sister of Penelope Cruz. By ordinary, in the case, we mean that she doesn’t look anything like a duck. Anyhoo, she, like her big sis, was singled out at a young age for her showbiz abilities. Unlike her sister, however, Monica concentrated on flamenco dancing along with traditional ballet. She’s done her share of movies here and there, but never anything near as big as her sister.

Jamie Lyn Spears

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Jamie Lyn Spears may be known throughout America as Britney’s little sister, but she’s quickly forgotten about within seconds of mentioning. That’s really too bad, especially since she’s now the hottest Spears daughter — and yes, she’s fully legal these days at a mature age of 19. Aside from some airtime on Nickelodeon shows, she’s never really done anything big enough to put her anywhere near the level of fame that her sister’s enjoyed laborlessly for years.

Amy McCarthy

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Everybody knows Jenny McCarthy, but not many people know of her kid sister Amy. Like her sister, Amy has enjoyed/endured a sorted film and television career; her resume includes roles in such masterpieces as Lingerie Bowl, The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks, and Playboy’s Great American Cybergirl Search — in which she did in fact become a “cyber girl of the month.” Regardless of how pathetic her career may be, she’s easily hotter than her more famous sister, and that’s what we really care about here.

Brandi Cyrus

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Did you know that Miley Cyrus has a sister? No? Well, you’re half right anyway, but she does have a half-sister named Brandi Cyrus. Brandi is older than Miley, and at 23 she’s quite normal — for a girl who never has to worry about money or work. She cruises around, plays in a band, and sometimes cameos in one of the many Hannah Montana installments. The important thing here is that she’s actually pretty good-looking, which means that it was, in fact, Billy Ray that ruined Miley’s DNA.

Savannah Miller

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She may not book modeling gigs or star in movies like her younger sister, Sienna, but Savannah Miller is doing pretty well for herself — and looking good while doing it. She’s a fashion designer, and not in the way that every girl that had a role on The Hills calls themselves fashion designers, either. She does this stuff for a living and even keeps a blog at Vogue. â€¨â€¨

Ann-Carolin Schiffer

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Claudia Schiffer is about as famous as famous can get; hers is a household name and has been since the 90s. Ann-Carolin, on the other hand, is her younger and completely private sister — who happens to be just as hot as the world-class model herself. We really do wish that there was more information out there about Ann-Carolin, but she likes her privacy. We really can’t blame her.

Lynda Lopez

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Surprise! Jennifer Lopez is not an only child. Her younger sister, Lynda, isn’t even 1/10th as famous as she is, but she has spent her fair share of time in front of the camera. She was a VJ on VH1 back in the 90s but has since floated through Spanish-language stations and obscurity. It’s too bad, too, since she’s easily just as good-looking as her sister.

Antonia Kidman

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There is no questioning the fact that Nicole Kidman is hot, but it’s not often known that she has a sister who looks just like her. Antonia is Nicole’s younger sibling, and she’s soon to be a mother of 5 — which means that the 4 children she’s already had haven’t done a thing to her figure. She shares her sister’s love for the camera, but in a different way; she’s been a journalist and presenter/hostess for random shows on Australian TV. Now she lives in Singapore with her new husband, and may be tooling up for a more house-wife style of living.


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