The 12 Hottest Women in Extreme Sports

The 12 Hottest Women in Extreme Sports

Can there be any more wonderful a combination on God’s green earth than tits and adrenaline? It’s the amalgam every man wants – nay – needs. Now whilst for many of us the sheer thought of tits alone produces enough adrenaline for a lifetime, there are some stunning babes out there who clearly need more than the average share, and have taken up pastimes that provide them with exactly what they need. Here we give you ten of the best of ‘em.

12. Alana Blanchard

What else need be said about the audaciously sexual Alana Blanchard? She was voted hottest surfer in the world by a handful of surfing magazines and – as if life weren’t unfair enough as it is – she treats nerdy photographers to hours of one on one bikini time in support of various surf related companies such as Rip Curl sportswear. If there is a God, he did a damn good job with Alana – but couldn’t he gift us with a leaked sex tape?

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