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12 Hottest Politicians’ Wives


With the power and authority of government office, you might imagine that hotties would be falling over themselves to get their hands on the great and good. In fact, that’s rarely the case – politics can be a dry, dry subject and it takes decades to get to the top. However, to test the rule, here are 12 of the hottest women in the world to be married into politics!

12) Bianna Golodryga

Named one of the 30 hottest journalists under 30 in 2004, Bianna certainly is smoking hot. The ABC correspondent, who specialises in business and economic issues, is now a co-anchor on the weekend edition of Good Morning America. Married to Peter Orszag, Obama’s Budget Director, she’s also fluent in Russia. Who ever said that power wasn’t the ultimate aphrodisiac?

11) Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

Daughter of King Hussein I of Jordan and junior wife of Mohammed bin Rashid, the Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, Haya knows a thing or two about walking down the corridors of power. As well as being a humanitarian, she is an Olympic show jumper. And did we mention? She’s also a princess.

10) Filippa Reinfeldt

Politicians do flock together it seems. Filippa, who is married to Swedish Prime Minister (or ‘Sveriges statsminister’) Fredrik Reinfeldt, is herself a Moderate party politician and is currently the County Commissioner of Health Services, having previously sat on Stockholm County Council. She is rumoured to have previously dated Swedish dance star E-Type and has been accused of manufacturing ‘Christmas porn’ with over the top festive bun making spreads (we kid you not).

9) Asma al-Assad

Syria might have been one of the spokes of the axis of evil, but first lady Asma, wife of Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria, is one fine looker. Completing her education in the UK, she went on to become an invest banker, working for firms like Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan in London and New York. Which suggests that as well as being gorgeous, she might be extremely smart.

8) Laureen Harper

Married to the apparently ‘intensely cerebral’ Canadian PM Stephen Harper, Laureen has declared she’ll do ‘Whatever I can to help Canadian fashion’. As well as volunteering her home to the Ottawa SPCA as a kitten sanctuary, she also likes riding her motorcycle and gardening. An eclectic mix, we think.

7) Cindy McCain

Cindy McCain – one of the golden ladies of politics. This beaut is looking absolutely fine for a 66-year-old woman who has been married to John McCain for 30 years. After all, Sarah Palin couldn’t cope with spending more than a couple of weeks with the maverick before going rogue. To add to that… she’s a beer-heiress. Is there any higher calling from which to inherit wealth?

6) Sonsoles Espinosa

Sonsoles is a classical singer and a music teacher at one of Madrid’s most prestigious schools. She’s also married to José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Spanish Prime Minister. While she might have a gothic style, she’s renowned for her good taste in fashion.

5) Maria Shriver

As the Governator’s wife, Maria isn’t just married into the Californian Republican Party, she’s also married into Hollywood. But then she isn’t unacquainted with either – she is the niece of John, Bobby and Ted Kennedy and is an Emmy award-winning NBC journalist. She is also an advocate of Alzheimer’s causes – and has a rose named after her.

4) Elizabeth Kucinich

Standing 6′ tall, Elizabeth really is a red-headed English rose. She is also half the age of her 5’7″, 63 year old husband, Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat in the US House of Representatives. She certainly must see a lot of something in him. Like Dennis, Liz is a vegan, though unlike him she has a tongue stud. Raunchy stuff, indeed.

3) Rania Al Abdullah

Wife of Abdullah II, King of Jordan, Rania is, uh, The Queen of Jordan… Described as one of the most powerful women in the world, she is also the author of a New York Times bestselling children’s book. Rania apparently enjoys water skiing and cycling. She’s some pretty hot royalty.

2) Carla Bruni

Actress, singer-songwriter and former model, Carla Bruni is one of the most glamorous women on Earth. Period. A modern successor to Jackie O, she spent the 1990s as one of the world’s best paid supermodels, during which period a nude photograph of her sold for over $90,000. Then in 2007, she started seeing diminutive French President Nicolas Sarkozy, only weeks after he had left his second wife, before marrying him in 2008.

Almost single-handedly raising the bar of international conferences, Carla is probably the sexiest politician’s wife in the world. With one exception…

1) Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama – half of the coolest couple on the face of the Earth and possibly the most beautiful first lady ever. Standing at 5’11”, she’s as tall as a supermodel, she’s a trained lawyer and she is an icon of style. Would you rather get stuck in an elevator with this lady or with Barbara Bush? Without a shadow of a doubt, we know which way we’d swing.

Honorable mention: Thailand’s Pimpen Vejjajiva

She’s pimp-in. She’s also a doctor, but, hey, lighten up, ‘eh?

French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Cameo In Woody Allen’s “Midnight In Paris”

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