12 Amazingly Sexist Commercials

In the 50s and 60s, while women were busy in the kitchen making sandwiches, many television commercials that seem absurdly sexist by today’s standards were made. Today some of these vintage commercials could run during Mad Men, but would otherwise be seen as offensive to women. As women started demanding equal rights, there have been less misogynistic commercials, but they haven’t totally disappeared — and the modern ones sound every bit as ridiculous as the old ones did.


Even the most stupid and worthless woman can use a Xerox machine, making them essential in the workplace.


You need to stay slim, beautiful and attractive to live happily ever after. Pepsi will certainly help with that.


This woman was obviously trying to murder her husband with bad coffee.

The guys at the station make better coffee than this woman and she takes that as the ultimate insult.

You are obviously a shitty wife if you can’t make a decent cup of coffee for your husband.

Goodyear Tires

You really shouldn’t let your wife drive alone. She might mess up the car.

Equal Payday

Receiving less pay is a lot less insulting than this commercial.

Bud Light

To make a marriage work, women need to do the little things that matter.


Ladies, be a “mind sticker” because men only think of their women if they are thin.

Dr. Pepper

It’s obviously more than a woman could handle.


Of course she wouldn’t know what goes on in a library.


This is something that would only happen to a woman and perhaps only a blonde one. Enjoy a double-breasted burger from Nandos.

Tables Turned Bonus: Oven Pride

So easy, a man can do it. You know, because men are so stupid.

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