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11 Frugal Ideas for Cheap Dates That Don’t Feel Cheap


If things are a little tough financially; it doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your dating life. It just means that you need to find something a little easier on the wallet to share with your lover. However, it’s important that while you’re spending less money that the person doesn’t feel less cared about. The best way to do that is to have a frugal date that doesn’t feel cheap and here are 11 of our best ideas for just that:

Go Hiking Together


A little physical activity can get the pulse racing and the romance flowing. One of the cheapest dates you could have is to go hiking together in the country. Take a picnic, to cut down on food and drink costs, and you’re full blown romantic without breaking the bank. A nice side-benefit of this is that people who exercise regularly are known to have better sex too.

Have a Romantic Movie Binge


You don’t even have to leave home to have a romantic date. Get some candles, put the lights low, some popcorn and perhaps a little wine and you have all the makings of a romantic movie night. Pull out your favorite movies from your Blu-Ray or DVD collection or dial them up on Netflix. Cuddle up on the sofa and sit back and enjoy.

Do Something Artistic Together


You could paint together, draw each other (or on each other), get some clay and do modeling, or anything your heart desires. There’s nothing sexier than getting creative and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune – while canvases and oil paints may be expensive, water colors and paper are next to nothing. It’s the thought that counts and the time spent together not the quality of the materials which matters.

Re-Enact Your First Date


There’s a lot of evidence that says when you re-enact your first date; you can recreate the same feelings that you had right at the start of the relationship. Given that most first dates tend to be low cost; this is a great way of doing something incredibly romantic and rekindling the spark in your relationship without shelling out a small fortune to do so.

Go to The Beach


What could be more romantic than the sound of the waves lapping on the edge of the sands? The feel of the warm comfortable sand and the smell of salt water? Try packing the sun tan lotion and make sure that you pamper your partner as you apply it with a little gentle massage. Bring a packed meal to keep costs to a minimum but make sure you pick finger food that you can feed each other. Gaze into your partner’s eyes as you lay side by side and you have the makings of one of the most incredible dates you’ve ever had and without spending too much cash.

Play in the Park


Play is a wonderful thing. It lets us explore our inner child and gets us laughing and smiling. These are all good things for a relationship too, the more we play together – the more we enjoy each other’s’ company. The trouble is that as adults our opportunities for play can sometimes be a bit limited while we’re juggling work and family life. Why not take your date to a local park one Saturday afternoon and just play? Chase each other. Play Frisbee. Do whatever takes you fancy and makes you both happy. This is as close to “free” as a date can be without it feeling like a miser’s option.

Grab a Camera and Go Walking


You don’t have to do something special to have fun with your date. Take a camera and go out together with the aim of taking 5 great photos of each other that you’d want to share with your friends on Facebook. This combines a little gentle exercise with a lot of fun as you try to strike that perfect pose. Before you know it; you’ll be giggling like teenagers and as you laugh – you’ll feel closer to each other. Who knows what passions that closeness could spark when you get home?

Have a Dollar Store Competition


Take $5 each and go to the dollar store. See what you can buy that will make life a little more interesting and then once you’ve found your stuff. Sit down and talk through what made each item appealing and why you think it will brighten up your lives together. You don’t need expensive things to feel close to your date – what you need is shared experiences. The thought you put in and the conversation that comes with it will be more than compensation for the lack of a Tiffany engagement ring.

Create New Traditions


Go to somebody’s house at Christmas or over the New Year and there’s a chance that they’ll be serving eggnog even if they don’t like eggnog. Why? Because it’s tradition. Traditions have to start somewhere and it can be really fun to go through recipe books, cocktail ideas, etc. and start your own traditions together. It doesn’t even have to be a special occasion, pick a day – any day – and give it a theme. Then have fun building a tradition around that theme. Creativity as well as good food and drink will bring you closer together and you’ll have a ton of fun doing it.

Volunteer Together


This is a complete winner. Not only do you get to do something new together; you get to help other people while you do it. There is no shortage of volunteering opportunities in any community and whether it’s spending time at a soup kitchen or building a new playground for a community school; the activity is likely to teach you a lot about how fortunate you both are to have each other.

Make a Time Capsule Together


What would you like to remember about each other in a year’s time? Put together a time capsule of memories and ideas and then bury it together with the agreement to return a year later and open it. This can be a great way to reminisce about the good things you have in your relationship and forge new bonds of love.


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