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PopCrunch’s 100 Hottest Women of 2010


The Hottest Women of 2009 was easily one of (if not the most) popular posts of all time on Pop Crunch, so it was obvious that we would have to make this a yearly tradition. With this list we aim to be slightly unconventional. Men’s magazines have been churning these hottest women lists out for years, and we have always thought they were a bit too formulaic. While you’ll certainly see some overlap between our list and theirs we hope to have some surprises along the way, because we think it’s a lot more fun that way. Check back to our original hot 100 for more of the philosophy behind our rankings.

Now we hope you enjoy, as we get 2010 kicked off right, the Pop Crunch 100 Hottest Women of 2010.

100. Kate Winslet

Who is she?: Kate is best known for her lead roles in films such as ‘Titanic’ and ‘The Reader’.
Why Kate made the list: Kate Winslet is one of Hollywood’s most demanded actresses. She also happens to be one of the hottest. Not only does Kate have a tremendous acting career, but she is also a successful singer. Kate has honors in film that we could go on and on about, so instead, let’s just take a look at her gorgeous pictures!

99. Jennifer Connelly

Who is she? You probably know her for roles in such films as ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’.

Why Jennifer made the list: This gorgeous actress has been appearing in films for nearly twenty years now, but that doesn’t take away from your very natural, and very appealing beauty.

98. Alicia Keys

Who is she? You know Alicia for her hit Pop/R&B songs ‘No One’ and ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’.

Why Alicia made the list: Alicia is the perfect example of the American dream. Born to a single mother in Hell’s Kitchen, Alicia eventually got into a performing arts school, where she graduated as Valedictorian. She then went on to Columbia University. Her NYC pride was displayed on the Jay-Z smash hit “Empire State of Mind”.

97. Kat Dennings

Who is she? Kat is most well-known for her roles in ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ and ‘The House Bunny’.

Why Kat made the list: Kat is the kind of lady that girls want to be and guys want to be with. She is gorgeous and funny, which is getting to be a rarity these days. And if she wasn’t already hot enough, she will be starring in the upcoming comic book film ‘Thor’.

96. Olivia Munn

Who is she? Supermodel and co-host on the gaming network G4

Why Olivia made the list: Why wouldn’t Olivia Munn make this list? She’s beautiful, sexy, intelligent, and knows all there is to know about games. If that isn’t the recipe for one of the hottest women of 2010, then I don’t know what would be.

95. Eliza Dushku

Who is she? Eliza is best known for her work on ‘Dollhouse’.

Why Eliza made the list: 2009 might not have been a good year for Eliza, with her show getting cancelled, but 2010 is sure to be better. But Eliza didn’t make this list because she was starring on a television show. She made it because of her smoking hot body.

94. Michelle Trachtenberg

Who is she? Michelle Trachtenberg stars on the hit show ‘Gossip Girl’, as well as ‘Mercy’.

Why Michelle made the list: Michelle is one the of the most beautiful young women to grace the screens these days in Hollywood. 2009 showed Trachtenberg a good year, but 2010 is sure to be better. You can expect to see her in the upcoming flick ‘Young Americans’ alongside the who’s who of Hollywood’s up and comers.

93. Julie Benz

Who is she? Julie stars on the hit show ‘Dexter’.

Why Julie made the list: When you star in films like ‘Rambo’ and ‘Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day’, you are sure to have a large male fan population. But is there anyone who deserves it more than Julie Benz? Whether she is a blonde or a brunette, Julie brings a witty sex appeal to every role. Making her valuable to Hollywood, and to this countdown.

92. Colbie Caillat

Who is she?: Colbie is famous for her pop hits like ‘Bubbly’ and ‘Lucky’ ft. Jason Mraz.

Why Colbie made the list: This California girl is one of the most talented young people to break onto the scene. After auditioning and getting rejected from ‘American Idol’, Colbie knew she had to make it in the music industry on her own. And that is exactly what she has done. We can only hope 2010 will show Miss Caillet even more success.

91. Jenna Fischer

Who is she? Writer and Actress on the hit comedy show ‘The Office’.

Why Jenna made the list: With her comedic charm and easy-going personality who wouldn’t put Jenna on their hot list? We’ve all let her into our homes and hearts as Pam Beesly Halpart, and Jenna never fails to impress.

90. Julianne Hough

Who is she? She’s a country music diva, two time winner of Dancing With The Stars, and professional ballroom dancer.

Why Julianne made our list: She certainly knows how to dance her way around our hearts and can belt out some killer tunes, so she was a sure pick for our list. Julianne is certainly a jack of all trades, and one of those trades just happens to be being hot.

89. Lauren Conrad

Who is she? Reality tv goddess, fashion designer, and now author.

Why LC made the list: Ever since we got our first glimpse of Lauren Conrad on Laguna Beach, we knew she’d be on the “it” scene for a while. When she moved to LA and got her own show, millions of people watched Lauren every Monday night, experiencing the trials of being a young lady in LA. We laughed and cried with her, and now we read her books and we buy her clothing line. Anyone who can command all that attention and still look hot is worthy enough for our list.

88. Uma Thurman

Who is she?: Best known for her roles in ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘Batman and Robin’.

Why Uma made the list: She’s honest, intelligent, good looking and can kick some serious ass! Uma has taken a lot onto her plate for 2010, including 4 different films, but knowing her, it will only add to her already amazing success.

87. Anna Faris

Who is she? Anna is best known for her roles in ‘House Bunny’ and ‘Scary Movie’.

Why Anna made our list: She’s cute, has a great smile and is down right hilarious! Anna has come a long way in her acting career, and she’s just now starting to get the recognition she deserves as a comedic actress. And although she is funny, she didn’t make our list for her great comedic timing. She made it because she’s sexy.

86. Amy Adams

Who is she? Amy is best known for her work in ‘Enchanted’ and ‘Julie and Julia’.

Why Amy made the list: Amy is hard working, dedicated, and very talented. She stunned crowds with her beautiful singing voice when she appeared in ‘Enchanted’, but such talents only add to her considerable handful of abilities. With a few films coming up in 2010, we are sure to see more of Amy’s bright smile and beautiful face.

85. Leighton Meester

Who is she?: Leighton is a singer and the star of ‘Gossip Girl’.

Why Leighton made the list: She’s somewhat of a “good girl gone bad” appearing in many different movies in her career, from Christian to horror. This wild party girl also sings and models. Let’s just say Leighton’s raunchy antics make ‘Gossip Girl’ a little more bearable for boyfriends forced to watch the show each week.

84. Giada De Laurentiis

Who is she? Chef, writer, and host of various Food Network shows.

Why Giada made the list: She’s sweet, sexy, and knows her way around the kitchen! This Italian born beauty is one of the most desired ladies in the media today. Giada is the kind of girl you take home to mom, and that girl next door quality scored her a place on our list.

83. Tina Fey

Who is she? Star of 30 Rock and former writer/actress for SNL.

Why Tina made the list? She’s a comedic powerhouse! She writes, she acts and she can sing! Tina has an unexplainable sexiness, a sort of funny girl meets librarian look, and if there is someone out there that can make you laugh harder, please let us know.

82. Cali Lewis

Who is she? Cali is the face of GeekBrief.TV

Why Cali made the list: This super smart and semi “dorky” cutie made our list for her abundance of brains and beauty. Cali is an American podcaster, known for her rational and informed opinions. However, Cali recently made some controversial comments calling global warming “a hoax”. If you’re looking for a cause of raising the heat Cali, look in the mirror!

81. Jennifer Aniston

Who is she? Jen is best known for her roles on ‘Friends’ and in ‘Marley and Me’.

Why Jen made the list: She is beautiful, single, talented, and funny. Doesn’t this sound like a girl you’d take out for the night? After a split from Brad Pitt, many people weren’t sure what would happen to Jen Aniston. But lucky for us, she came back hotter than ever. With acting, directing and producing credits to her name, Jen is not only one of the most powerful ladies in Hollywood, she’s also one of the most beautiful.

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