10 Trashiest Celebrity Tramp Stamps


Once upon a time farmers would brand their cattle so that if their cows got lost they would know which belonged to them. Nowadays, lady folk stamp themselves to show that they bear the brand of what we like to call farmer sexy.

After all if you want to get a sizable tattoo that doesn’t say “I am a convicted felon,” the lower back is a great place to put it – it won’t stretch too much and if the inclination ever takes you, you could cover it up one day. It’s purely a coincidence that to look at it, all and sundry have to take a nice long stare at your booty. While it might never be a good idea to get stamped, here are some of the most questionable lower back tattoos in celebrity land.

10. Lindsay Lohan

Where did it all go wrong, Lindsay? Probably around about the time you got ‘La Bella Vita’ – ‘Life is Beautiful’ – tattooed on your derriere. While we might love it, the execs hate it when you do stuff like that.

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