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10 Tips to Help You Look and Feel Like a Millionaire (Even When You’re Not)


It’s often said that if you want to achieve something; first you need to act like that. It’s the “fake it until you make it” strategy and it’s often a very successful one. So how do you “fake it until you make it” with the millionaire lifestyle when you haven’t got those millions to make the transition easy? Here are 10 tips to help you look and feel like a millionaire, even when you’re not a millionaire:

Revamp Your Wardrobe


You can’t look like a millionaire without having a good wardrobe but that doesn’t mean spending a ton of money. It means buying fewer clothes but better clothes. A good rule of thumb is to spend 3 times as much as you would at the moment but buy one-third as many clothes. If you learn to buy wardrobes which mix and match well – you can wear the same item more often without dressing identically every day.

Start Volunteering

Volunteers holding turtle together near river

Want to hang out with millionaires and learn from them? You’d be amazed at how many wealthy people volunteer and support good causes. Do a little research; where do the movers and shakers hang out when they’re doing good work? Then go and join them. This is an incredibly inexpensive strategy and it will make you feel good to do something great in the community. The efforts you expend will increase your network and expose you to opportunities that you might never have seen otherwise.

Show Good Manners


Wealthy people have manners. It’s pretty much a staple expectation of those who’ve reached a certain station in life. It’s also good practice to be well-mannered anyway. People will like you more when you show restraint rather than huffing at someone for a minor delay or speaking down to someone because you’re irritated with them. It’s something that business colleagues and clients will appreciate to.

Ladies –Ditch The Flat Shoes


This is terribly sexist but it’s the way that society works. Elegant, wealthy women do not dress in a frumpy fashion. High heels mold the profile of a woman’s leg to suggest a certain sexuality; flat shoes, on the other hand, suggest that you don’t care about your appearance and that you’ve probably got a house full of cats in your future. The millionaire lifestyle isn’t always comfortable unfortunately – it’s always about putting your best foot forward (literally in this case).

Start Collecting Something


Rich people collect things; guns, medals, books, records, etc. are all items which can be collected and which draw wealthy, influential people. That doesn’t mean you need a copy of The Gutenberg Bible but events run for collectors often offer things that are much more affordable to those of us without billions in the bank. As you get involved in collecting; you’ll start reading up on the field and you’ll be able to converse with the wealthier collectors without sounding like an idiot – you don’t need a silver plated Colt handgun to know that it’s an interesting and fascinating piece and it’s that knowledge that will help you bond with richer collectors.

Take Up a Hobby


In a similar fashion to collecting; hobbies attract rich people too. You want to be careful with this though – there are hobbies such as tennis; where you’re unlikely to encounter rich people. Why? Because rich people can afford their own tennis courts and don’t have to hang out with the hoi-polloi but there are other sports such as mountain climbing where it’s unlikely that a rich person will have a private mountain and is much more likely to rub shoulders with others of less significant financial stature.

Ditch Your Accent (But Not if You’re British)


Accents mark us out for where we come from. In general, rich people are schooled to develop neutral accents – these can be remarkably easy to pick up by making a conscious effort to imitate those accents (though always keep this respectful rather than exaggerated – you don’t want to end up sounding like a satirical version of the people you want to impress). The one exception to this rule is if you have a British accent. There’s a sort of general agreement in America that British accents are high class – so you don’t need to change it.

Think About Your Accessories


It’s the subtle cues that tell people who we really are. Rich people don’t drink out of coffee mugs labeled “Target”. They wear classic watch brands rather than Swatch. You are unlikely to find a multi-millionaire chugging down a store brand cola or beer too. This doesn’t have to be too heavy on the wallet – many of our accessories are pretty unnecessary. So pick accessories that say what you want said about yourself and ditch the rest.

Learn to Blend In


Tommy Hilfiger shot to prominence because of the big, gaudy brand statements on the clothes. Why? Because when he asked poor people what they valued in designer clothing – he discovered they wanted to be able to shout their momentary affluence to the world. Millionaires are the exact opposite.

Their dress code is all about subtlety. They’re not trying to stand out but rather to blend in. That means adhering to the uniform of the millionaire. You wear a suit in the office and proper golf clothing on the golf course – no short cuts and no gaudy statements.

Get Some Sleep


Have you ever noticed how rich people seem to have this healthy glow? It’s a result of taking care of themselves and one of the easiest ways to take care of yourself is to get enough sleep. That doesn’t mean that you need 8 hours every single day but rather enough sleep that you don’t start looking haunted and run down. You can work out what’s right for you by recording how much time you slept for and whether or not you looked at your best after that sleep – there is also such a thing as too much sleep.


Melissa Stenson
Melissa Stenson is a senior writer at PopCrunch. She covers movies, tv, and music news. She also writes engaging and fun lists about various pop culture events.

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