10 Times J.K. Rowling Totally Owned Twitter



Let’s face it: it’s Harry Potter’s world and we’re all still living in it, even eight years after the last book was released. JK Rowling, author extraordinaire, is still our queen and reason for tweeting, because gone are the days that she posted to Twitter once a year. Our favorite author is still busy crafting tales, but she’s also crafting a mean tweet.

She goes on Twitter to support her soccer team, to answer fan questions, to promote her new books (under pseudonym Robert Galbraith, of course), to promote her charity Lumos, and to air her political views. Even though she’s come under fire for some of her beliefs, we’re firmly on Jo’s side, and I know my smile lights up when I see her tweets on my timeline.

Here are all the times JK Rowling totally owned Twitter:

1. When The Cursed Child was totally a prequel:

2. When she schooled Americans on their lack of tea-making abilities:

3. When she advocated totally lying to your parents and doing whatever the heck you want:
4. When she was afraid of “Ice Voldemort”:
5. When she couldn’t handle Neville Longbottom growing up:
6. When her sarcasm was off the charts:
7. When she stood up for athletic women everywhere:
8. When she reminded us of the early puzzle-solving Potter days with this:
9. When she was just so damn articulate:
10. And when she reminded us that we all went to Hogwarts together:

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