The 10 Tackiest Celebrity Mansions

Sometimes, here at PopCrunch, we can’t help but feel dissatisfied with our lot. It’s not that scrutinising the lives of celebrities isn’t a riot, that following their failure is not fun, and marvelling at their weight gain not an excellent way to pass the time; it’s that sometimes we wouldn’t mind trading in our gossiping malfeasance for a wardrobe malfunction. That is, we’re jealous. And never more so than when we see how the other half live. To console ourselves, we say the extravagant palaces of the rich and famous are tacky, distasteful, ostentatious. Here are a few of the worst. We’d hate to live like this.

Britney Spears

Here’s Britney’s pad. Disgusting isn’t it? It’s called Chateau Suenos, which translates as House of Dreams. Situated in the quiet yet star-studded neighbourhood of Calabasas, just outside Los Angeles, it’s a $10.5 million mansion housing a cinema, swimming pool and spa. It might look like a house for life, but for Britney it’s a stopgap. She just rents this dive while building her real dream house in the area.

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