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10 Superfoods That Can Help Your Health Today


Superfoods are the stars of the food world. They’re full of nutrients and goodness without any of the harmful qualities of other foods. If you can incorporate more superfoods and fewer ordinary foods in your diet – you can dramatically improve your health. Ideally, of course, you’ll also take regular exercise and cut back on the alcohol and best of all cut out the nicotine full stop but if you have to take a single step in the right direction for the sake of your health; you could do worse than to start eating superfoods at every meal.

Here are 10 superfoods that can help your health today and every day:



The humble onion can bring a whole lot of flavor to almost any savory dish. It’s also good for your body in more than one way. Firstly, they have a huge amount of quercetin which is an anti-oxidant and anti-oxidants promote healthy cells. They also help reduce the amount of “bad cholesterol” in your blood whilst helping raise the levels of “good cholesterol”. That, in turn, keeps your blood pressure lower and stops blood clots which can be very harmful. They’re best eaten raw or boiled rather than fried though.



If there’s a single “panacea” in the plant world, it’s probably garlic. Garlic has been scientifically demonstrated to help boost the production of white cells which are the immune system’s first line of defence. It’s also been shown to cut down on the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi in the body. On top of that – it’s proven that garlic helps reduce the “bad cholesterol” in the blood steam as well. Not bad considering the negative side effect of bad breath.



There was a time when eggs were condemned by nutrionists as a source of unhealthy cholesterol. Today, we know better – eggs promote, as long as you eat them in sensible quantities, good cholesterol. They’re also chock full of protein, minerals and vitamins. In particular, they’re an awesome source of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin K. You can do much worse than eat an egg two or three times a week.



The humble sardine isn’t always a popular choice as it is often associated with cheap meals and low quality ingredients but it should be popular. It’s loaded with omega-3 oils which are considered an essential for healthy hearts and brains. It’s also much less likely to contain high doses of mercury which larger fish often do have. On top of that they’re good for a huge number of minerals and contain a good serving of vitamin B to boot.



It’s not just Popeye that needs his spinach. We can all benefit from the green leafy vegetable in our diets. Why? Because it’s packed to the gills with antioxidants and is a fantastic source of vitamins K, C and E. Most importantly of all, it’s a rich source of iron which makes it particularly valuable in vegetarian diets because carnivores and omnivores get their iron from meat products.



George Bush once caused a huge scandal by admitting that he hated broccoli. While we can almost sympathize with the former president on taste grounds – it has to be said that broccoli is incredibly good for you. It’s a superb source of magnesium in your diet and that’s considered to be one of nature’s immune system boosters – so you should be able to fend off colds and flus more easily on broccoli. It’s also very high in Vitamin C which can prevent scurvy and leads to overall health and wellbeing.



It might appear to be a cereal at first glance but in fact quinoa is a seed. It’s from the same family as spinach and as you’d expect – that means it’s packed to the brim with goodness. You’ll find it contains a large number of amino acids which are essential to the development of muscle and strength. It’s also very good for delivering proteins which also aid muscle development. On top of that it contains potassium (which is essential for movement), vitamins, minerals plus the healthy cholesterol that allows your heart to thrive rather than stopping it from working.



If you’re stuck for a healthy day time snack – bin the chocolate and get into eating nuts instead. Not only do they taste great but they’re good for proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals and oils too. If you eat nuts just five times a week there’s a proven reduced risk when it comes to catching heart disease. Nuts are also good as a source of vitamins E and B which are essential for a healthy functioning body and immune system (and may even fend off malaria if you’re heading into mosquito territory). They’re best soaked in water and salt to remove any pesticides before consumption.



Wild salmon is better than farmed salmon but farmed salmon is better than no salmon at all. Salmon is incredibly rich in omega-3 oils which are the staple component of the brain and nervous system. There’s also a strong suspicion that healthy eyesight in adults is dependent on omega-3 oils in your diet. Alongside the oils you’ll also find Vitamin D and selenium which lead to the growth of healthy skin, nails, bones and hair. You should be making salmon a regular part of your diet and ideally want to be eating it twice a week.



Yeah, we know kale’s not the most inspiring of tastes but it makes up for that by being incredibly good for you. It looks like spinach but has very different qualities. These include the fact that it may be the best source of lutein known to man – lutein is responsible for the whiteness of your eyes as well as improving your overall complexion. A single serving contains 50% of the vitamin C that your body needs to get through the day too. The fact that it’s also rich in Vitamin A is a bonus because that’s said to put the brakes on the ageing process.

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