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10 Signs they’re No Longer Interested


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Are you not sure whether or not your partner is still in love with you? Do you think maybe the excitement has died down and now your relationship is just embers? Maybe you’re over worrying. Here are some examples that may indicate that they’ve lost interest.


  1. They no longer text or call like they used to.

Maybe they don’t text back in as fast as when you first got together, or maybe they no longer call, relying on texts.


  1. They constantly start drama.

They’re frustrated with the relationship, and start arguments in the hopes that you’ll take the hint and dump them.


  1. They always have an excuse as to why they’re late.

  Your partner blames traffic on the interstate for why they can’t come to your event. They never show up on time, leaving you to figure it all out.


  1. They seem to change their mind.

Your partner seems disinterested, but when you talk about ending it, they become the wonderful person you fell in love with. Don’t waste your time; they’re more interested in not being alone than they are in you.


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  1. They show no interest in your life.

Your significant other talks about themselves and their life all the time. When it’s your turn to share, however, they return the conversation back to them. The reverse is also true, where they deflect any personal questions, instead making it solely about you.


  1. They only have a sexual interest in you.

They don’t take you out very often, and don’t really spend much time with you outside the bedroom. They text you only a few hours before they head over, and not usually in contact any other times.


  1. They’re insisting on the relationship being on their terms.

They demand on strict rules and always being right. Most of the time these rules are only one way, and do not apply to them at all.


  1. They treat everyone else with decency and respect, but they’re a jerk to you.

This one isn’t so much “not interested” as it is them showing their true colors. You shouldn’t put up with this treatment, especially since it could get dangerous.


  1. They are manipulative, controlling and possessive.

These are signs that they want to control you.  This behavior is extremely toxic and does not stem from love. They view you as an object to be theirs. This person is only interested in not letting others have you.


  1. They’re so ‘busy’, they have no time for the relationship.

No one is too busy for another person. They don’t want to commit and you aren’t obligated to be with them. If not being around each other consistently works for you, then go ahead. However if this is not okay for you, then leave.


When someone’s truly interested in you, they consistently show their affection and willingness to make it a healthy relationship.  When someone’s not interested, it makes you and they exhausted. You burn up all your energies into trying to fix something that was never made in the first place. Please take note.


Joseph Treviño
Joseph Trevino is a journalist at PopCrunch and has been a popular blogger on social media for two years. He is currently pursuing a degree in creative writing.

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