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10 Sexual Fantasies Men Have But Are Scared to Tell You About


Gender roles may be becoming more fluid in modern society but many men are still struggling with the role expected of them in their youth. That is to keep quiet about their needs and focus on the needs of their lovers and families instead. This means that many men have secret sexual fantasies that they aren’t telling their partners about. That doesn’t mean that these fantasies are particularly bizarre – it just means they aren’t making the leap across the communication barrier.

According to our research these are the most common 10 sexual fantasies men have but are scared to tell you about:

He Wants YOU to Dominate HIM


This one may come as a big surprise particularly in a world where notions of BDSM all seem to hinge around 50 Shades of Grey but many men want their partner to take control. That doesn’t mean you have to break out the nipple clamps or start whipping him until he bleeds; it does mean that he’d like you to order him about a bit in the aim of getting you off. It can be really exhausting for men to feel like they’re in charge 24 hours a day and fantasizing about a break from this routine is perfectly normal.

He Wants Oral Sex; Yes, Even If You Don’t Want To


It should come as no surprise but apparently it does; men like to have their genitals worshipped as much as women like to have theirs worshipped. There are endless articles about how men should go down more but very few that address the fact that many women don’t go down because they’re not keen on it. If your partner fantasizes about a little oral; it would make his day if every now and again you stop whining and start sucking instead.

He’d Like You to Sit on His Face


It’s the battlecry of many an inexperienced teenage boy; “I’d love her to sit on my face.” However, that teenage boy doesn’t completely disappear in the man that emerges from him either. Men want you to sit on their faces and they just don’t know how to ask. He’d like to exchange a little power with you and enjoy you in the way women’s magazines keep telling him you want to be enjoyed too.

He’d Like a Threesome


You don’t have to say yes to an actual threesome; though that would be thrilling but you could incorporate a threesome in fantasy play. A little erotic voice over never hurts the proceedings. It’s worth noting that the majority of men who fantasize about threesomes are fantasizing about 2 women and 1 man and not the “Devil’s threesome” of 2 guys and 1 girl. It can really help when trying to get him off to make sure that you focus on his fantasy threesome even if it’s different to your fantasy threesome.

He’d Like a Little Bum Fun


We appreciate that not every lady is willing to participate in anal sex but for many men it’s the ultimate fantasy act. If you’re unsure how to proceed with this – read up a little on the best ways to have anal sex. It doesn’t have to be painful or unpleasant or even dirty if you put a little effort into working out what would work for you before the main event.

He’d Like to Watch You


That whole thing about men being visual creatures? It’s true. If you’d like him to stop watching porn then an easy way to get his attention would be to let him watch you instead. Let him watch you undress, let him see you masturbate, learn to walk around naked so that the can appreciate you all the time, the only thing better than porn is real life naked ladies. Trust us on this.

He’d Like to Do You in Public


Not every public scene means bonking in front of thousands in a football arena; the ideal is one where you’re having sex with a tiny risk of being of seen. Public bathrooms, woods and forests, etc. offer the perfect opportunity for a little exhibitionist thrill without you ending up spending the night in a jail cell while the arresting officer spends his time mocking you both.

He Wishes You’d Tie Him Up


Bondage doesn’t have to involve domination but there’s something incredibly thrilling about being tied to a bed by your partner while they have their wicked way with you. You can use soft cloth materials to ensure that you don’t hurt them and then take your time teasing and tantalizing his body. Of course, in some cases – he might like something a little heavier involving handcuffs and chains but you’ll only know if you talk the idea through. You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with but in this case – he should be the uncomfortable one, at least for a little bit.

He’d Like to Play With Your Breasts


When we say “he’d like to play with your breasts” what we really mean is that he’d like to put his penis between your breasts and then try and work his way to a climax. Sure, this is essentially a selfish act of masturbation but it’s hot all the same. It shouldn’t be the core of your sex life (unless it really gets you off too) but there’s nothing wrong with the occasional bit of cleavage sex either.

He Wants to See You Squirt


There’s no tactful way to put this but if you’re one of those girls who lets out a little flood when she comes; he would really, really like to see that up close and personal. At least once. Quite possibly a lot more than once. There’s something about this particular reaction from a woman that makes a man feel all man and that he’s the one responsible for it. Not every woman can or does squirt but those who can can usually add a lot of “ooh” in the bedroom by letting their man appreciate the end result.


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