10 of the Sexiest World Records

World records don’t always have to be about who can lift the most tractor tires or how many clothespins a guy can somehow attach to his face, sometimes they can be downright sexy. Some are sexual but still toe the line of weird or just downright disturbing, but sex is sex and we’ve trawled the Internet to find them anyway. These are the 10 sexiest world records; think you can break any of them?

Longest Tongue

Most people can do at least one funny thing with their faces — crossing eyes, wiggling ears, moving eyebrows in different directions — but Annika Irmler can do some pretty impressive things with her tongue. With a record-breaking 2.7-inch long tongue, she’s able to lick the bottom of an ice cream cone without needing to bite the sides off. As long as you keep the image of Gene Simmons out of your head, we’d imagine you could come up with a lot of other things she could do with that tongue.

Largest Augmented Breasts

Some guys drool over a nice pair of stems or a firm behind, but easily half of all men consider breasts to be their downfall. Stripper Maxi Mounds wasn’t very impressed with the results of traditional breast implant procedures, so she underwent a now banned procedure to inflate her girls beyond belief. Ms. Mounds now holds the record for largest fake breasts, but it took a few years of lobbying to the Guinness World Records to include her 36MM jugs in the new category made just for them.

Strongest Vagina

Traditionally, there have been contests for testing feats of strength, and when we think of a strong woman, the image of an overly ripped manly beast comes to mind. But what about a woman with a strong vagina? Tatiata Kozhevnikova officially has the world’s strongest vagina, and she keeps crushing her own records. Her vagoo was last recorded as being able to lift a staggering 31 pounds — that’s about the weight of an English Cocker Spaniel. How? Well, she has custom made glass balls with string attachments she sticks up there — and 15 years of training didn’t hurt either. We’d like to know what kind of pressure she can exert, but since nobody’s bothered to put a meter in there to find out, we can only imagine.

Most Instances of Sex Acts

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When people train for marathons, a lot of extra endurance training is involved. But when it comes to a porn star shooting for a sex record, it just seems… unfair. There have been many gang bang record breaking events, but adult film star Candy Apples takes the cake — she hit 742 back in 1999. Candy was trying for a record 2,000 sex acts — and according to her handlers she could have gone above and beyond — but the police raided the event before she could even hit the 1k mark.

Longest Time Spent Masturbating (Female)

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Guys always get the bad reputation for masturbating an obscene amount, but chicks definitely get their jollies too. May is said to be Masturbation Month, and in honor of this momentous month, the Masturbate-a-thon event is held around the world to raise money for AIDS. At one such event, the 2008 San Francisco event in particular, a woman by the name of Kitty Kat masturbated for a total of 7 hours 6 minutes — and while wearing her fuzzy cat ears, no less.

Fastest Time to Pass Through a Tennis Racket Three Times

Skye Broberg’s nickname is “Bendy Skye,” so you know why you’re getting that tickly feeling in your pants. A woman flexible enough to fit through a tennis racket is one we’d like to get to know. Skye can pass through a tennis racket three times in only 12.4 seconds — smashing the record previously held by Rubberboy, at 60 seconds.

Most Vienna Sausages Eaten in 10 Minutes

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It’s pretty hot seeing a tiny 100-pound chick nosh away at a beastly burger, and if that gets you off, eating champion Sonya Thomas will blow your mind. Sonya holds many eating records — her nickname is “The Widower” — and still manages to maintain her teensy frame. Our favorite food record of her though, by far, is eating 8.31 pounds of Vienna Sausages in 10 minutes. Any chick that can down sausage like that is a favorite in our book.

Most Orgasms By Masturbating (Female)

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Some women are champs in their own right when it comes to having multiple orgasms. On top of the biological advantage, it’s not surprising that a woman holds the record at the Masturbate-a-thon for most orgasms achieved. Although some men have gone into the double-digits during the events (kudos, boys), a woman was once recorded as reaching an impressive 222 orgasms in 2009 at the Denmark Masturbate-a-thon. We’re not sure how the female orgasms are proved to be real, but hey, it’s in a public forum so they’re still fun to watch.

Longest Time to Hold the Marinelli Bend Position


Watching gymnasts can be pretty arousing, and if you haven’t agreed in the past — you’re about to. Meet the Marinelli Bend position, a backbend supported only by an oral grip at the top of a short post that is bit and held in the mouth for the entire duration of the hold. If you can’t imagine it yet, just watch the record-breaking video above in which Oyungerel Luvsandorj holds the position for 33 seconds.

Largest Natural Breasts

We discovered the world’s largest augmented breasts at 36MM, but what about the natural ones? Though Norma Stitz sports a fake name (and a brilliant one at that), her 8-foot 6-inch bust — a size 102ZZZ — is 100% real. It was a challenge for her to find someone to make such a massive bra, but her persistence paid off, and she has since made bank on her escapades during the last 10 years as a record holder. Initially self-conscious as a youngster, Norma has since turned down breast reductions and embraced her assets. She also has what could be one of the funniest sites on the Internet.

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