10 Most Improbably Excellent Celebrity Blogs

OK, so the word ‘blog’ might sound slightly crappy, but blogging is arguably the most significant innovation of the last decade, with some saying that the number of blogs worldwide has now passed the 150 million mark. That’s a lot of words — if not necessarily a lot of sense. See, the main problem with blogs is that any idiot can make one — though of course any bright spark can, too.

Clearly there needs to be some quality control in how you select your reading material, especially in the world of celebrity, festooned as it is with a myriad of markedly stupid people. So, to avoid wasting any of your precious time reading about what Britney’s PR people have decided she ate for dinner last night, we’ve handily come up with our very own list of the top ten most improbably excellent celebrity blogs on the web. Happy perusing!

10. Gene Simmons

The long-tongued, womanizing, make-up wearing madman of ’70s stadium hard rock has managed to come up with a blog (which actually predates his reality TV show Gene Simmons Family Jewels by several years) that is actually rather… touching. His trips back to his native Israel, and his subsequent intelligent and informed musings on the excursion are genuinely good reading. Even just looking through his holiday snaps is fascinating.

Who’d have thought a man who once took to the stage wearing platform shoes and spitting blood would be blogging about his slightly geeky son, or responding to fan photographs of homemade cakes depicting his Kiss stage persona. When rock stars get long in the tooth, they should all do this!

9. Jorge García

Perhaps one of the most striking characters from ABC’s somewhat confused but gripping drama Lost was the tubby, ringletted Hurley. The successful show was sometimes (mysteriously?) praised for the depth of its characters, helped perhaps by the casting of relative unknowns portraying them. In Hurley’s case this unknown was Jorge García.

Jorge, a Nebraskan of South American descent, spent free time during his six years filming in Hawaii writing a surprisingly interesting blog for his fans, resplendent with anecdotal tales of meeting Kelsey Grammar, artisan breads and eating in cheap restaurants. At times funny, at times slightly melancholy — his fan-favorite pet chihuahua was hit by a car — it’s actually a remarkably good read, and if you’re into your eats, you’re sure to find something to chew over. He has since continued to blog at Further Dispatches.

8. Jeff Bridges

Proving once and for all that acting isn’t just tits and teeth, but brains too, The Dude himself has managed to construct possibly the best looking celebrity blog out there. It turns out the star of such blockbusters as True Grit and Tron has a penchant for the arts.

Yes, Jeff uses his blog as a showcase for his varying talents, including photography and painting — and you know what? He’s not bad at all, displaying wit, a keen eye, and an understanding of aesthetics. Illustrations abound, and while Picasso it ain’t, it piddles all over any design by P. Diddy. The Dude abides… here.

7. Moby

Chrome-domed purveyor of suicidal comedown music, Moby is renowned for his love of minimal gear and vegan food, so one could be forgiven for expecting his blog to be replete with self-righteous, do-gooder hippie nonsense. However, one is wrong. It turns out Moby’s quite funny, if somewhat deadpan.

He updates his site with irreverent opinions and brainy name dropping, all the while chastising New York for it’s expensive living (though we’re sure he can manage to keep his head above water). An engaging and intelligent blog all round, and not a mungo bean or shard of organic foot pottery in sight.

6. Wil Wheaton

Wheaton’s is truly a blog for the nerd in everyone. The long time Star Trek: The Next Generation cast member and lover of all things science-fiction updates his blog frequently with tales of filming mishaps, geeky appreciation and yarns (no, not yawns!) from various conventions around the world. The latter are genuinely hilarious at times, as are his entries describing the execution of technobabble when filming a sci-fi feature.

You might not know your Sandtroopers from your Daleks, but Wheaton’s blog will still entertain with its seemingly unbelievable anecdotes and excellent quality of writing. We’re going to resist signing off with a Star Trek pun.

5. MC Hammer

Stanley “MC Hammer” Burrell has at different times over the last couple of decades been a rapper, entertainer, business entrepreneur, dancer, actor, producer, TV host, dance judge, CEO of a record label, and — of course — a preacher. The diamond selling hip hop artist and inventor of the Hammer pants also has something of a proclivity towards opinionated writing, having penned his own blog since the mid-Noughties.

Yes, the Hammertime seems to have dried up of late, but at his best Burrell preaches some remarkably entertaining and often politically infused spiel alongside some intimate but clean updates on his private life. Can’t touch this.

4. Alyssa Milano

Is there a more wonderful thing on Earth than the splicing together of sports and women? That said, without wanting to create a gender stereotype, it tends not to be the hottest girl in the bar who’s screaming at the TV during a big game, and although there are a plethora of aesthetically pleasing sports’ reporters, there’s always been a slight lack of beauty in the punditry department… until now!

Stunning singer-cum-actress Alyssa Milano has been a keen contributor on the Major League Baseball website, writing all about her favorite sport adding not only a much needed injection of estrogen, but some genuinely astute points too. The LA Dodgers fan has been updating the blog for the better part of five years, and before you snigger, we challenge you to find a better written sports blog from someone in possession of breasts (and that includes the dudes…).

3. Jenna Fischer

Providing updates on shooting, cupcakes and getting arrested, professional girl next door Jenna has been keeping her fans entertained with her Myspace blog since she first set foot in The Office. The down-to-earth starlet — who goes under the pseudonym Pam Beesley, after her character in the show — has attracted a not-inconsiderable 114,000 friends with her behind the scenes anecdotes.

The bashful star’s Hollywood stories are told with a delightful undercurrent of modesty, making them immediately accessible and all the funnier as a result. Myspace might be down in the dumps these days, but Jenna’s doing her bit to show the social networking site isn’t just ads and spam.

2. Neil Gaiman

Perhaps it’s actually no small wonder that the intelligent and prolific writer of such tales as The Sandman, Stardust, Coraline, Beowulf and even an episode of Doctor Who has a blog that’s informative and witty. Still, even for a scribe of such standing, here ye shall find an exceedingly, and, dare we say, surprisingly good read.

Neil Gaiman’s journal — as part of his personal website — is yet another example of a blog so lovingly written that it draws you in even if you aren’t a fan. His detailed descriptions of his remarkably exciting daily life are the key to its success, with the prose reading like the diary of a slightly grumpy Englishman who’s accidentally landed a job making blockbuster movie scripts. Pure class.

1. Pamela Anderson

We always wondered what scientific explanation there was for the phenomenon that blonde women with fake boobs tend to be a little dumb. Then Pammy crawled from the stupidity closet and outed herself as someone with genuine wit and intelligence. Yes, it turns out the fair-haired, surgically blessed star of such profound pieces of art as Baywatch and Barb Wire actually does have a brain between her ears.

Her blog is at times funny, sharp, politically charged and even sweet. OK, so she might go on a bit of a hippie tangent at times, but I think we can allow her a concession or two… People this blonde are hardly ever smart.

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