10 Most Evil Incarnations of Satan in Cinema

Accursed be he who plays the devil. This list assembles the 10 most sinister portrayals of Satan ever dreamed up for the big screen. The Prince of Darkness takes many forms – from suited and booted businessmen to red-faced, horned monsters. He can be man or woman, smooth or insane, funny or damn right disturbing. He is, in short, the ultimate villain. So join us as we surf the river of Styx harvesting the souls of those who have best captured the evil nature of the beast. Satan is now at hand. Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

10. Robert De Niro in Angel Heart

In Angel Heart (1987), Robert De Niro’s Satan operates under the cleverly worded pseudonym Louis Cyphre – that’s Lucifer for those who missed it. The elegant Cyphre hires a private investigator, played by a pre-plastic surgery Mickey Rourke, to find a man who has failed to honor his contract – no prizes for guessing what that means. De Niro looks decidedly ominous with his stylish beard, long slicked back hair and manicured fingernails, which he uses to perform the creepiest cracking of a boiled egg in cinematic history. Despite the odd demonic gaze, De Niro remains menacing throughout without even having to lose his temper.

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