The 10 Most Disturbingly Violent Scenes in Hollywood History

Some movies are all about the mindless violence. People who go to see Saw VII are anticipating blood, guts and jaws ripped off. Others who don’t like that sort of thing go to see Harry Potter or Inception instead. However, when intense violence appears in a movie that is considered “a classic,” it can be even more shocking. Legendary directors like Martin Scorcese have repeatedly shown that they’re not above wallowing in a pool of blood and guts. Find out just how much wallowing in this list of the 10 most disturbingly violent scenes in mainstream movie history.

10. Taxi Driver – The Final Shoot-Out

In this scene, the Travis Bickle character from the classic movie Taxi Drivertakes a flying leap into Looney Toons-land when he attacks a brothel in an attempt to “save” underage prostitute Iris. Director Martin Scorcese toned down the scene by shooting in desaturated colors. The violence is still mind-boggling, especially considering the era in which it was released.

In a deeply ironic ending, this act of insanity is what finally allows antisocial Bickle to be accepted into normal society, as the audience knows that if he’d been luckier earlier in the movie it would have been a senator falling from his bullets instead of a group of pimps.

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