The 10 Most Awesome Sci-Fi Movie Vehicles

If, like us, you were something of a sci-fi nut as a child, you might already have your very own list of the best futuristic vehicles out there. As every fanboy knows, a good romp into the future needs a delicate balancing of specific ingredients: strange worlds, exotic species, kick-ass weapons, mind-blowing technology, and of course… jaw-droppingly cool vehicles that make today’s hotrods look like 19th-century penny-farthings. It was the crafts populating these magical, fantasy worlds that we fantasized about engaging with, arguably above all else. We all wanted to be Han piloting the Falcon, we all wanted to sit in Kirk’s chair… But, to get a little more down to earth, we thought we’d eschew a list of the top ten sci-fi spacecraft in favor of a gallery of the greatest land-based vehicles on offer.

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