10 More Actors Who Clearly Deserve An Oscar, But Have Never Won



There are a number of actors who have a great body of work, but for some reason never seem to get attention from the Academy. Many people are overlooked for their entire career, which makes fans scratch their heads a bit.

Some actors make several award-worthy performances throughout their career, and you would certainly be surprised to see a list of actors who have never won an Oscar because they are usually filled with incredibly talented actors.

Continuing the previous list of 10 Actors Who Clearly Deserve An Oscar But Have Never Won, here is a list of 10 more actors who have given their fair share of award-worthy roles but have never received an Oscar.

10. Mark Wahlberg

He is not someone who some people would include on this list perhaps due to some flops like The Happening and work in blockbuster films like The Transformers, but Wahlberg is an incredibly talented actor and has had his fair share of award-worthy roles. Perhaps his two most noteworthy roles, The Fighter and The Departed, did earn him nominations.

9. Mark Ruffalo

He has been known as The Hulk mostly in recent years as a part of the Avengers franchise as well as his involvement with political causes, but he has also had a large number of high caliber roles, including a nomination in 2015, although there was no chance of anyone beating JK Simmons out for Best Supporting Actor after his incredible performance in Whiplash. He was nominated in 2015 for Foxcatcher and has also been nominated for The Kids Are All Right, with a notable performance in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind as well, among others.

8. Glenn Close

It is almost impossible to imagine that Glenn Close, after the lengthy career and numerous high caliber roles, has never won an Oscar. She has been featured in many hit films that have received Oscars and popular TV shows, and although she has received several nominations, the Academy just never thought it was her year to win. She has received Oscar nominations for Albert Nobbs, Dangerous Liaisons, Fatal Attraction, The Natural, The Big Chill, and The World According To Garp, and with a list like that, there is no doubt that she deserves one.

7. Kevin Bacon

He may not be the most high-profile actor in major award-nominated films, but he has certainly had a lot of great roles over the course of his career. Tally them up and you will find some of the most memorable films of recent times including Animal House, Apollo 13, Footloose, and a film that just about everyone could have been nominated for, Mystic River. Surprisingly enough, Kevin Bacon has never even been nomianted for an Oscar, although he did win a Golden Globe for Taking Chance.

6. Annette Benning

She has had some incredible performances, and it may be hard to believe, but the veteran actress has never won an Oscar. She hasn’t acted in a large number of films like some actors, but she has certainly made an impact in the films that she did appear in. Since beginning her career in 1986, she has received four Oscar nominations for The Kids Are All Right, The Grifters, American Beauty, and Being Julia.

5. Viola Davis

Possibly the most recent and least known of anyone on a list like this, but she is clearly deserving of an Oscar given the performances that she has had in her career already. She has a powerful presence on screen and can make a big difference even in a short role, as her role in Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close proved to everyone. Davis will be seen next in DC’s Suicide Squad, but she has also received Oscar nominations for her roles in Doubt and The Help, and has deserved even more.

4. Jessica Chastain

She is quickly becoming the most prolific actress of the current generation and has been on quite a roll lately. She starred in 3 films in 2014 and has already shown plenty of versatility throughout her short career. Chastain has been seen in just about every genre including the chilling horror film Mama and the recent Sci-Fi hit Interstellar. She has received two Oscar nominations for The Help and Zero Dark Thirty.

3. Ryan Gosling

Although he gained mainstream popular as the sexy hunk in The Notebook, he has had several award-worthy performances that continue to be overlooked by the Academy. He was in some amazing roles that are often overlooked even as a young actor before he was known, appearing in films such as The United States of Leland, The Believer, and Murder By Numbers. He has received one Oscar nomination for his role in Half Nelson, but the Golden Globes have given recognition to four of his other films.

2. Amy Adams

It is a real mystery why no she is still without an Oscar given that she has been nominated in what seems like every year for the past decade. Adams has had several incredible roles and continues to amaze fans whether she is playing the girlfriend of a fighter or Clark Kent or any one of her other popular roles such as Ella Enchanted. She has been nominated for five Oscars for Junebug, Doubt, The Fighter, American Hustle, and The Master.

1. Bill Murray

Although he may be the biggest pop culture icon around, he has yet to win the highly coveted Oscar. Murray has been seen a wide variety of roles including many in both the drama and comedy categories, and has deserved to win many awards that has missed out on. He is known for Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, Lost In Translation, and many others, including being a frequent collaborator with Wes Anderson. Someone needs to explain how Bill Murray has only been nominated for one Oscar, a nomination he received for his role in Lost In Translation.

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