10 Moments We Have To See In The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival


gilmore-girls-gilmore-girls-28847720-1024-768ICYMI, new episodes of “Gilmore Girls” are coming to Netflix. Specifically, four 90-minute episodes written by Amy Sherman-Palladino are all but guaranteed to grace a computer/television near you, hopefully very, very soon.

Despite the eight years between the final episode and now, fans are still itching for more “Girls.” But a lot has changed in the past eight years. The last we left Lorelai and Rory, Lorelai had just gotten back together with everyone’s fave grumpy diner owner Luke Danes, and Rory was headed off on a campaign bus with then-senator Barack Obama.

Yeah, a hell of a lot has changed in the past eight years, but that hasn’t kept fans from speculating about the characters in the interim. Whenever the revival is released, here are the things I most want to see.

1. Melissa McCarthy coming back as Sookie, her best role

Even though Melissa McCarthy has since made it big in the comedy business, I hope she finds time to reprise what may be the best role of her career: the kooky chef Sookie St. James. Stars Hollow and the Dragonfly Inn won’t be the same without Sookie accidentally burning off her hand, slicing a huge gash down the back of her chef’s coat, and going maniacal about Thanksgiving dinners!

2. Luke and Lorelai’s wedding


Seriously, guys. It’s been eight years. Can you get it together already? Hopefully, a Luke/Lorelai wedding happened a long time ago in the Stars Hollow alternate universe, and we’ll be able to see flashbacks/snapshots of their ceremony. Eight years later, I’m hoping Lorelai had the children with Luke that he was so eager for in the sixth season. Also, it’ll be fun to see Lorelai being a mother to someone other than Rory. And speaking of Rory…

3. Rory’s obviously amazing career

The last we left Rory, she was poised to become a high-powered journalist. Even though she didn’t make it to The New York Times the first time around, I hope she eventually made her way there in the past eight years. That place would be lucky to have her, and it would put Rory in New York City, a perfectly convenient location for Lorelai to drive in on weekends and go shopping on Fifth.

4. Paris being…Paris

“Gilmore Girls” wouldn’t be the same without Paris, the girl everyone loves to hate. Paris made “Gilmore Girls” even more special; in fact, the role of Paris was written specifically for Liza Weil because the writers just had to have her (after she didn’t get the role of Rory).

We have just got to know what happened to Paris…did she become a surgeon? Are she and Doyle still together, ruling the journalism and medical worlds together? They were an amazing power couple, and perfect for each other.

5. The return of Jess


Okay, so in the interest of full disclosure I have to mention one important fact about myself: I am wholeheartedly Team Jess, especially since Amy Sherman-Palladino herself basically confirmed that she meant Rory to end up with Jess all along. Logan was a good distraction, a way for Rory to grow up, grow out of her comfort zone, and fall in love with someone who challenged her. But I’m so glad that relationship didn’t last.

The character evolution of Jess was excellent; by the end of the sixth season, he was ready to be there for Rory one hundred percent. He had a career, was a published author, and still carried a major torch. There’s no reason why, save perhaps for Milo Ventimiglia’s scheduling conflicts, these two crazy kids can’t work it out already!

If not Jess, then I hope Rory is seeing someone equally intelligent and exciting, because Rory deserves a great love in her life.

6. Lorelai and Emily finally at peace…somewhat

The last episode of “Gilmore Girls” was satisfying in its way, especially since we knew that Friday Night Dinners would continue past the show’s tenure. Lorelai finally realized that her differences with Emily could be set aside in favor of keeping family close. And since there’s now a major change in the family dynamic, I hope mother and daughter are there for each other throughout the hard times. Which leads me to…

7. A tribute to Richard Gilmore/Ed Herrmann

The revival will definitely be a tear-jerker without the presence of the patriarch of the Gilmore clan, Richard Gilmore himself. Ed Herrmann passed last year, leaving a hole that can never be filled. I can’t imagine what Emily’s life looks like without her husband, and the thought makes me so sad. The revival will definitely include some heartbreaking moments without Richard.

8. A movie night…with updated technology

Does anyone else care to wonder what Lorelai and Rory watch on Netflix now that they probably haven’t rented a movie in years? Although, knowing Lorelai’s stubbornness and unwillingness to change, she’s probably using the DVD Netflix service…I know she probably doesn’t have an HDMI cable or a Smart TV. She probably still has a tube TV and a VCR.

9. Classic Stars Hollow moments


Luke getting into a fight with Taylor! Miss Patty saying something totally inappropriate! Babette taking her now-old cat for another walk in the baby carriage! Kirk in another ridiculous job! Town meetings! (Clown bleedings!)

10. Updates on the Gilmore Boys

Whatever happened to Dean after he and Rory broke up for the third time and he became the most insufferable whining baby ever? What happened to Logan after Rory chose her career over him and he went to lick his wounds in California? I gotta know!

Lisa Lo Paro
Lisa is a freelance writer and bibliophile living on the outskirts of New York City. She likes 2 a.m. with a good book, takes cream in her coffee and heavily filters her photos. Check out her blog The Most Happy, her Instagram, and Twitter.

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