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10 Moments Proving Beyonce Feminism is the Best Feminism


Beyonce has her own brand of feminism, and it just happens to be one that’s hotly debated. While there’s no doubt that Beyonce is strong, powerful, and in many ways a legend, for many her sexuality toes the line of what feminism is fighting against. In the words of bell hooks, “Feminism is the end of sexual oppression,” and yet Beyonce, through her image and musical genre sells her powerful sexuality. That’s the common argument at least, “Beyonce may be great, but she still sells sex to teeny boppers.”

Our response is that if a diva like Beyonce can’t own her art form in the way she wants to, how can she really be a feminist idol at all? Here are ten moments showing why Beyonce feminism is the best feminism.

Holland Roden’s BCBGeneration Fall Campaign Photoshoot

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