10 mistakes guys make when meeting a girl for the first time

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Try and take it to the next level too quickly


As guys, we get excited when we start talking to a girl for the first time and things are going well. It looks like she likes me! She’s laughing at my jokes. Touching my arm a lot. Even gave me a compliment on my shirt. So… this must mean I can make a move!

Wrong. There are still boundaries that are up when you meet somebody new no matter how well the conversation is going. Granted, alcohol tends to skew those boundaries sometimes, but most of the time there’s still a wall. Don’t try and make a move too quickly. Even if you think she would be into it. Allow there to be some mystery from her end as well to wonder if you really like her or not. Play it cool!

Assuming she’s already interested in you


It is always good to be confident when approaching or talking to girls. It takes confidence to do this. But there is also such thing as being TOO confident and thinking the girl already likes you. Women have seen plenty of attractive guys with terrible personalities in their lifetime. It doesn’t matter how good looking you are, you still need to prove to her that you are a nice and funny guy.

Being too drunk


One of the best places to find girls to talk to is at the bar. That’s nothing new. Men go to the bar to get drunk and talk to women. Drinking certainly helps men get a bit of confidence before they approach a girl. But there is a certain point where the drunker you are stops becoming your way of being confident and starts to become the reason she denies you. Being too drunk when talking to a girl is a huge turnoff.

Only talking about yourself


The worst thing a guy can do is come up to a girl and start talking about the 100 things he loves about his life. His job, his friends, his car. This is uninteresting to a girl unless provoked by her. Remember, everybody’s favorite and most easy topic to talk about in the world is themselves. That’s why guys do it. But think about how she feels? She hasn’t gotten in a word and she’s growing tired of listening. Ask her about herself and work your own experiences into the conversations as way to show that you have similar interests.

Not realizing she’s married/engaged already


This is the worst thing a man can do when trying to approach a girl. Not realize she’s in a relationship already. Sometimes it’s easy to tell because the girl is wearing an engagement/wedding ring. This is obviously a clear sign that she is spoken for. Other times it’s harder to tell. A girl sitting with a few of her friends without any ring doesn’t give you much clue. The best thing to do is play it cool at first and not come off like you’re trying to pick her up. Then find a way to bring up her relationship status. Or, in most cases, she will tell you if she is taken pretty early on in the conversation.

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