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10 mistakes guys make when meeting a girl for the first time

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Talking to women is hard, scary and at times, depressing.

There are so many ways it could go wrong and so little ways it could go right. And what if she doesn’t like me? Or worse, slaps me in front of everybody? I don’t know why she would do that but it’s a thought that goes through every guy’s head in the list of 99 other terrible outcomes.

But most of the time the reason a woman is not interested in a guy is because of how or when they try and spark a conversation.

You can be a good looking guy with a ton of jokes and a solid job. But if you screw up on just one of these things, it could be disaster for your chances.

Here are 10 mistakes guys makes when talking to a girl for the first time.

Approaching them in the wrong setting


Location. Location. Location. One of the golden rules in life and approaching woman is no different. There’s a time and a place that woman want to be approached. Most of the time it’s in the expected places: The bar, party, street or store. These are the places that they are usually looking more presentable, feeling more confident and wouldn’t mind somebody coming up to them to spark a conversation.

But there is also quite the opposite when it comes to places woman DON’T want to be hit on. For example stressful environments like work. Emotional environments like a funeral. Or places where they probably aren’t in formal clothing and makeup like the gym. Find your time and place to chat it up with a girl or else you may be rejected just because of where you make the move.

Opening with a corny pick up line


Everything guys know about the traditional pickup line to start a conversation with women is dead wrong. We see the movies and TV shows where the suave guy strolls over to the beautiful woman only to drop an “are you from heaven” line on her. She chuckles at how silly it was but he broke the ice and it’s all down hill from there.

This doesn’t work in real life. Girls think pickup lines are dumb and cheesy. The best thing you can do when trying to meet a girl is to avoid them. Especially if you use ones that are unoriginal. If you ARE going to use a pickup line, at least get creative!

Making inappropriate jokes


The best way to ruin a conversation with a girl that you just met is to start dropping inappropriate jokes on her. If you two have just met there is still this “get to know you” barrier that you both have up. You’re still feeling each other out for what type of person you are. Dropping a sexist, racist or ignorant joke on her will allow her to make up her mind quickly that you are not right for her.

Approaching her when she is busy


Just like where you approach a girl can be detrimental, WHEN you approach a girl can be an issue as well. There are instances where a women will be in the middle of something important, visually in a bad mood or is giving signs that she just does not want to be spoken to. In any of those instances, a women is more likely to not be interested in your attempts to approach her because she’s not in the right mental state.

Starting out shy or timid


It’s a big mistake that a lot of men make when it comes to approaching women when they start the conversation out fearing the worst. This is understandable as putting yourself out there and talking to a girl is one of the most nerve-racking things a man can do. The fear of rejection is like the fear of death.

But approaching a woman is not supposed to be difficult. If you eliminate those fears and approach her in a friendly, honest way, then most woman will respond to that. Who doesn’t like to be acknowledged and paid attention to? Especially by friendly, funny and complimentative people.

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