10 Memorable Pies To The Face

If you were somehow unfamiliar with the term, “pied” is a colloquial term, describing someone who received in pie in his or her face. It gets even better when the pied one is a celebrity you find particularly annoying. If so, you will find the following videos very enjoyable. We have collected the top 10 funniest moments of pied celebrities caught on cam.

Pied Celebrities

10. The Russian professional player in the NHL that joined the league in the 2005-06 season. Playing for the Washington Capitals, Alexander scores his 49th goal, getting his 100th point. What better way to celebrate this accomplishment than have your captain, Jeff Halpern, throw a pie in your face?

9. You probably have a faint memory of Nick Carter, the blond guy from Backstreet Boys. His little brother also received some fame back in the days, getting an award at the 2000 Kid’s Choice awards. Among screams of desperate teenagers and in an effort to celebrate the win, his older brother, Nick throws him a pie right in the face.

8. J.J. Putz is a Major League Baseball closer for the Seattle Mariners and a notorious jokester with his team mates. But this time, he’s not the one throwing the pie. After J.J.’s first game back from the Disabled List against the Baltimore Orioles on April 22, 2008, Mark Lowe, his fellow pitcher, squeezes one pass J.J. and pies him right in the face.

7. Who is Anita Bryant you ask? The American singer is best known for her strong views against homosexuality and less for her music. Apart from being a prominent member of the Southern Baptist convention, she also led a fierce campaing in the mid-70s to prevent gay equlity. The gays were not happy and they showed it with a pie in the singer’s face. A fruit pie for a fruitcake!

6. The Italian supermodel loves every guest appearance she can get on TV. This time, she participates at a quiz show and gets pied for serving the wrong answer. What’s better than seeing a hottie having her face covered in cream?

5. Brooke got pied in her days of glory, when “Suddenly Susan” made her the sweet, funny girl everyone loved. Now she’s condemned by Tom Cruise for the use of antidepressant, while she recommends the Top Gun guy to stick to fighting aliens.

4. Courtney Friel is an entertainment reporter for the Fox News Chanel. The perky blonde is almost present at almost every entertainment even across the States. This time, she receives a taste of pie where you’d expect to find it – the circus. She gets the special treatment every meddling Fox reporter should receive, the classical clown pie.

3. James Valentine is an American musician, a guitarist for the famous band Maroon 5. In a concert in October of last year, James celebrated his birthday on tour. The guys got him a cake and Adam Levine sang on stage. No one got to taste the cake since James got it all.

2. Ann Coulter, the American conservative political commentator basically hates everyone that is different from her and is not afraid to show it. It probably the lamest attempt to pie someone, the two guys missed Ann just by an inch. Sadly, the people that tried to pull such a maneuver were caught and prevented from doing more harm.

1. In probably one of the enjoyable moments of getting pied, Bill Gates is the one what got served. He’s the boss of Windows, which probably doesn’t need an introduction. Users probably sick and tired of the rip-off that Vista have surely had their revenge by having its maker pied.

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