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The 10 Most Laughable Conspiracy Theories in History


There may be some truth in some conspiracy theories but some are so off the wall that they are genuinely laughable. If someone brings up one of our 10 most laughable conspiracies theories in history in an earnest manner; we recommend that you back away smiling and then make a dash for the comforts of saner company.

The Lizard Men are Running the World


David Icke, the sportsman turned journalist turned full blown conspiracy theory guru, is the person who made this theory popular. He theorizes that the world’s leaders are in fact reptilian space invaders in human disguises. We can see how Hilary Clinton might fit the bill for this but it remains one of the most ridiculous ideas of all time. David’s written dozens of books “explaining” how science got things wrong and in them – there’s always a grain of truth buried in a ton of total rubbish. Once more for the cheap seats; the lizard men are imaginary.

The Moon Doesn’t Exist


One of the most popular conspiracy theories of the modern-era is that the moon landings were faked; our money is on the fact that they weren’t. Sadly, this nutty concept doesn’t go far enough by half for the most dedicated whack jobs who now insist that the moon is a holographic fake. That’s right the tidal pull on the Earth’s seas is a figment of your imagination. Oh wait a minute – no it isn’t.

The Pyramids Were Built Using T-Rex Labor


Imagine the union representative you’d need to keep a workforce of dinosaurs happy. According to Vince French of the Accelerated Christian Academy that’s what would have been needed in Ancient Egypt where he says the Book of Job acknowledges the existence of dinosaurs and that they helped build the pyramids. What’s most worrying is that Vince runs a school. He’s also convinced that the earth is less than 6,000 years old…

Bending Your Knees is the Work of the Devil


Just when you thought fundamentalist Christian crackpottery couldn’t get any worse; along comes a group that insist Yoga is the Devil’s sport. They claim that by meditating and relaxing – you open yourself up to Satanic possession. Ignoring, of course, the inconvenient fact that there’s no such thing as Satan and in human history there is not one single shred of evidence for Satanic possession but that shouldn’t get in the way of a good conspiracy theory should it?

Donald Trump is Osama Bin Laden


Well, not quite. But there’s a brand new group of fruitcakes who are absolutely convinced that the Republican nominee for the Presidential Race is the person who ordered 9-11. Why? So that he could hate on Muslims. That’s it. While we tend to agree that sometimes The Donald can come across a little simplistically – we’ve yet to find evidence that he’s a genocidal maniac with a desire to inflict the KKK on the world of Islam.

The Monster Energy Drink Comes from Hell


You won’t be surprised to find that extreme forms of Christianity underpin many of our conspiracy theories as it does with this one. There’s a lady on YouTube who has managed to garner nearly 10 million views who analyzes the Monster Energy Drink logo to find that the claw marks are in fact “666” the number of the beast in disguise and thus when he’s not torturing wayward souls; Satan is making energy drinks for the nation’s athletic and not-so athletic folks. She also says the letters in the logo have Satanic connotations in Hebrew. It might be time for her to stop drinking so much coffee…

Barack Obama is Secretly in Charge of the Weather

Obama As A Wizard

When religion’s not running the crazy show then you’ll find that politics is. When the Obama administration found itself dealing with the IRS scandal; how did they distract the public from the political fallout? Well, it’s obvious (if you are mad that is) – he called the folks at the Pentagon and ordered a top-secret weather making machine to be turned on Oklahoma and the ensuing devastation caused by the tornado acted as a diversion. Apparently when it’s not doing tornadoes – it also does hurricanes. So Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy are Obama’s fault too.

HIV is a US Government Creation


This is one of the more worrying conspiracy theories because it’s not just a bunch of irrelevant fools that perpetuate it – it’s also promoted by Thabo Mbeki (former President of South Africa) and the Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai. Of course, there’s not a single piece of evidence for this and the only original source for the rumor comes from political propaganda released by the Old Soviet Union. It hasn’t stopped the idea that HIV was unleashed by the evil scientists of the US government from gaining serious traction.

Saddam Hussein Had a Stargate


If you’ve not seen the eponymous movie or TV series which followed; a Stargate is an alien creation which enables the instantaneous movement of people or troops from one planet to the next. The fictional environment maintained these were scattered across the universe. Then the conspiracy theories decided they were real and in fact the invasion of Iraq was not because of Saddam Hussein’s murderous regime but rather to steal the Stargate that he hidden in the middle of the desert. We’re not entirely sure how anyone who believes this isn’t locked up in a rubber room for their own protection but they’re not.

Shark Week Has Nothing to Do with Sharks


Shark Week is the week in which warnings of possible shark attacks are posted throughout the United States. It’s a government organized campaign designed to try and save swimmer’s lives. Or is it? There’s a fair number of people who believe it serves no such purpose. Instead it’s designed to make sure that people don’t go swimming so that they can go shopping instead. That’s right, they’ve determine that a few extra bucks spent in Walmart is what the national economy hinges on during Shark Week.

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