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10 Kids’ Movies That Are Actually Deeply Disturbing


Its difficult to decide whether or not we should be grateful that at some point during our youth there was at least one movie director happy to teach kids some real life lessons — that life is not as easy as we thought it was and that bad things will happen. It certainly toughens you up, but it also means a lot of nights spent underneath the bed covers trying desperately not to envision bad guys creeping up the stairs to do bad stuff to you. At one point or another, we probably watched movies that shouldn’t have been aimed at our shaky, little, premature selves — but we should have known better. What was worse were the films that were absolutely aimed squarely at us youngsters. Sure, they were a rite of passage, but the therapy bills really add up after college. Here we celebrate the 10 most surprisingly disturbing children’s movies.

10. Labyrinth

Perhaps the greatest accolade one can bestow upon Jim Henson and his Muppets is that most kids born after the early ’80s learned — at one point or another — something profound from his fuzzy brethren (this is the man that made Yoda, after all). In the case of Sesame Street this lesson would probably be profound and meaningful, but in the case of his more sinister works such as The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth it was way more likely to involve learning how quickly one can race from the TV to behind the sofa.

Perhaps controversially, Labyrinth gets our vote as the scarier of the two. Yeah, The Dark Crystal has slightly more disturbing characters in it, but the idea of a goblin king David Bowie stealing a baby and physically throwing it around in his weird castle, whilst Jennifer Connolly fights through his freaky maze in order to rescue it, was a little too much for kids to handle. This kid, at least.

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