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10 Inventions from Back To The Future that Actually Came True


For pure ’80s charm, you can’t do much better than the Back to the Future series, which saw Marty McFly and Emmett Brown ping-ponging from the 1980s to the 1950s, before heading on to the future and back to the wild west. However, there’s nothing quite as retro as what people dreamed the future would be like in the past. In fact, a lot of the inventions that the film makers imagined might populate the world of 2015 already exist today. Here are 10 inventions that became real and another 5 that are on their way!

10. TV video phones

In the 1980s, nothing said science fiction so much as a gigantic wall mounted videophone. While we’ve spent two decades attempting to make communication devices smaller and more versatile, the flat-screen videophone has indeed come to pass, care of Skype enabled sets. Feel free to shout at the wall like it’s 1989/2015!

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