10 Hottest Young Royals of 2010

Their powers may have faded from the glory days of Imperial, old-world Europe, but what today’s royals lack in governing power they make up for in sheer class and style. The young royal ‘set’ can often be found partying across the nightspots of the globe, from St. Tropez to Rio, London to Ibiza – just don’t ask them to go to war (excepting Harry!) or actually govern a country with the iron fist of their grand ancestors.

10) Prince Andrea of Monaco

The eldest son of Princess Caroline of Monaco has been blazing a trail across the most achingly hip party spots of Europe for several years now, setting hearts aflutter with his lock of blond hair and devil-may-care attitude to life. Included by People magazine in the Top 50 World’s Most Beautiful People, Andrea is often snapped with socialite girlfriend, Tatiana Santo Domingo, sunning himself and partying until the early hours in Ibiza – but he’s not just a pretty face. Fluent in French, English and Italian, the prince is also deeply involved in several charities, spending eight months in Africa teaching young children, and is currently pursuing graduate studies in New York City.

9) Princess Beatrice of York

As grandchild to the Queen, Beatrice is the first female, and fifth in line, to the British crown and the sixteen independent states of the Commonwealth realm. Currently studying for a degree in history at Goldsmiths University, London, she makes relatively few official appearances, but is often seen emerging from the most fashionable London nightclubs in the early hours – it is even rumored she can drink her notoriously hard-partying older cousins, Prince William and Harry, under the table. Along with her sister, Eugenie, they are the only granddaughters of the Queen to hold the style princess, and she was the subject of controversy recently when it emerged that palace officials had spent nearly $400,000 renovating a room in St. James palace, London, for her to live in while she studies. Hardly your typical student digs then.

8) Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Princess Victoria is the heiress-apparent to the Swedish throne, and although she may not be your typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed Swede, she certainly generates her fair share of male attention. She has often been the subject of intense press speculation surrounding her romantic life, and after being snapped looking unhealthily thin at a Gala in 1997 it emerged she was suffering from anorexia. Victoria subsequently spent a period in the US receiving professional help and studying at Yale University and today is the radiant beauty we all know her for. In February 2009 it was confirmed that she had become engaged to long-term love, Daniel Westling, her personal trainer and gym owner.

7) Charlotte of Monaco

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, a.k.a. Charlotte of Monaco, was seriously blessed when she came into this world: not only is she fourth in line to the throne of Monaco (doesn’t get a lot more glamorous than that, really), but she’s also a straight up babe and oh-so chic to boot! This brunette bombshell seems to be eternally on holiday in the most fashionable parts of the world and has spent the last few years strengthening her ties in the fashion world and hanging out with Stella McCartney. The two met when Charlotte wrote for a magazine Stella edited and it now seems the young Monegasque, whose grandmother Grace Kelly was a patron of Dior, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent, is set to make waves in the fashion world.

6) Princess Eugenie

The Queen’s other granddaughter, Eugenie, is younger and slimmer and less high-profile then her sister, Beatrice, but make no mistake, she is the epitome of royal poise and beauty. She caused outrage at her public school in 2008 when she cavorted in the nude and absolutely drunk around the school with a group of friends, celebrating their graduation. Sounds like our kind of girl! These days she keeps out of the limelight, and is currently studying for a degree in Art History, English and Politics at Newcastle University – having actually got decent grades at school, unlike her cousin Harry!

5) Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden

Think Orlando Bloom, crossed with polo hottie, Nacho Figueras, and you’re getting close. Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden has chiseled cheek bones and the luxurious lifestyle to go with it. Known for his passion for fast cars, which he began racing in Karlskoga in 2004, he also has a creative side and has exhibited his photographic work on more than one occasion, as well as being a tough guy in the Swedish Navy (can you be ‘tough’ in the Swedish Navy?). The whole package then? Well not quite, perhaps. According to insiders his one flaw is his terrible fashion sense, and he often has to be dragged off to Gucci by his sister, Princess Madeleine, and long-term girlfriend, Emma Pernald – tough life, eh?

4) Zara Phillips

A vision of regal beauty, with her blonde hair and sharp riding outfits, Zara Phillips is the epitome of English equestrian privilege. Granddaughter to the Queen, but only through the female line, she is not styled as a princess but remains twelfth in line to the throne. Often seen leading the style race at British horse events, Zara has forged for herself a successful equestrian career, winning both European and World championship events and gaining herself an MBE in the process. But if you’re thinking about chatting up this royal hottie, think again – rugby playing boyfriend, Mike Tindall, is 6 ft 2 and 16 stone and smashes people up for a living!

3) Princess Madeleine of Sweden

With her blond hair and sparkling blue eyes, Princess Madeline is the embodiment of a Nordic-princess fantasy, and she leads a flamboyant life too: she is best known for her stunning good looks, wild partying, a foiled kidnap attempt by Eastern European gangsters and the fact that she is a paparazzi ‘honey pot’. Since attempts by royal advisers to calm her down and shed her party-girl image, she has devoted most of her time to studying, completing internships at the UN and working for her mother, Queen Silvia’s foundation World Childhood Foundation. Nice.

2) Prince William

When it comes to patrician style, natural born class, stately leadership and old-world royal poise, Prince William is the cream of the crop. William has inherited his mother, Princess Diana’s, elegance and grace, and whilst he may not be quite as flamboyant as his younger brother, Harry, what he lacks in wild-style he makes up in imperial strength. The second in line to the British throne serves in the military with his brother and has recently undertaken a course to become a helicopter pilot with the RAF. But it’s sad news for you girls out there: the Prince’s rocky relationship with on-off girlfriend Kate Middleton took a positive step recently when speculation mounted that Buckingham palace had stocked up on Champagne ahead of an imminent engagement announcement.

1) Prince Harry

Royal heartthrob, Harry, is best known for one thing: his wild ways. Where should we start? The Hitler costume worn to a fancy dress party, the snorting of the vodka out of shot glasses while holidaying in Namibia, smoking weed at age 16, getting caught on camera feeling up his female friend last year, using a racist term to describe an ethnic recruit on his army commissioning course… Well, we’d really rather celebrate the prince’s good side. Devilishly handsome and a skilled horseman and polo player, Harry insisted on doing his bit and accompanying the Household Cavalry Regiment to the front line in Afghanistan. Sure, he only lasted three months before his cover was blown and he was extracted sharpish, but in our book that makes him a pretty gnarly dude. And handsome to boot.

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