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10 Hottest Women in Snowboarding


Snowboarding might be the pastime of the rich and overtly chirpy, but as every self-respecting fan of females knows, rich parents make hot kids. With snowboarding reaching a zenith of cool recently, and competitions like the X Games being taken more seriously than ever before, it’s high time we stepped back and took a look at the ten hottest snowboarding babes of all time. Never before have we wished snow was less cold… Imagine if these babes rocked the slopes in bikinis!

10. Torah Bright

The lovely Torah Bright was born in New South Wales, Australia, which makes her status as a keen snowboarder a little surprising given the prevailing climate on the island. But whatever the weather Torah is definitely giving alpine addicts everywhere a case of severe groin ache – although don’t assume you stand a chance…

Sadly, she’s a no-sex-drink-or-smoking religious type. What a waste! Bright has won numerous honors for her skill at standing on a board and sliding down a hill, including two X Games gold medals.

9. Hannah Teter

Hannah Teter is a snowboarding dame with a serious list of boasts under her belt. The chirpy blond philanthropist has not only won a host of medals at the Winter Olympics and X Games, including a couple of golds, she’s also donated a whole bunch of cash – prize money plus profits made from selling syrup – to some village in Kenya. Good for her!

However, charity and slope props aside, the most important thing about Hannah is that we really, really want to see her naked. Good job she’s done swimwear modeling.

8. Chanelle Sladics

Snow-loving groin-stimulator Chanelle Sladics has reputedly broken practically every bone in her body pursuing a career in snowboarding. The Californian-born babe, who also holds a lifelong love of surfing and skating, is clearly not a girl to be messed with.

According to her bio, the traction addict and one-time X Games medal winner can be found ‘anywhere from China to Colorado snowboarding or taking a quick 10-day trip to enjoy some surf with her friends on tour in Tahiti or Mexico’. Guess it’s OK for some…

7. Leanne Pelosi

Dividing her time between slaying rails and running her all-girl snowboarding camp, Leanne Pelosi also likes to pose in her boarding gear, being all hot and lovely. The brunette babe clearly has sport on the brain, having originally trained to be an Olympic women’s soccer player.

Luckily for the snow-heads out there, she deviated, and has won a number of awards during her time on the slopes, including Rookie of the Year in 2004 and Transworld Snowboarding’s Female Rider of the Year in 2005. Smokin’ talent!

6. Linn Haug

Everyone knows Scandinavia is festooned with atrociously hot women – all keen to drop-trou and spend the day naked in the snow. Fact. Right? Well, we don’t know whether Linn Haug is so inclined, but we can certainly hope.

The Norwegian beauty has been dazzling the piste with her excellent European looks and even smarter snowboarding skills since she turned pro the age of 15, racking up a list of honors in her snowy wake. Viking power sure looks perty.

5. Ellery Hollingsworth

Described as an ‘all-round athlete,’ Ellery Hollingsworth even manages to make golf, the world’s most boring game, something ever so slightly worth watching.

The phrase ‘gentlemen with large handicaps are required to play long holes off the ladies’ tee’ has never had so many meanings. Luckily Ellery only picks up the club ‘n balls as a hobby, dedicating the majority of her time to flying down a powder-covered hill at top speed. She was inaugurated into the 2010 US Winter Olympics team, and has been strutting her hot-stuff in the mainstream ever since.

4. Lindsey Jacobellis

Twenty five-year-old Lindsey Jacobellis might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the Curly Sue of the ski resort certainly gets enough hearts racing to be honored with a place on our list.

Her down-to-earth Vermont-girl demeanor and excellent track record – winning seven snowboard cross gold medals at the X Games and three at the FIS World Championships – mean she wipes the sarcastic smiles off of the faces of her contenders, boasting sexiness and talent in equal portions. Goodnight nurse!

3. Lisa Wiik

Another smokin’ hot babe courtesy of the kingdom of Norway, Lisa Wiik does that thing that Scandinavian chicks do where they’re blond and hot and like to partake in hardcore activities that make every man in a ten mile radius simultaneously threatened and alarmingly aroused. In Wiik’s case the hardcore activity is pure boardin’ action.

Her achievements include a decent run in the Olympics and some good-sounding results on the touring circuit, but to be honest we mainly just can’t stop thinking about her stripped of all that snowboarding attire!

2. Tara Dakides

Ah, Tara Dakides. Managing to do what many ladies have tried and failed at – being hot and being a skateboarder – Tara has tried her hand at just about every dangerous sport ever conceived. Ultimately she decided upon snowboarding as he higher calling, and has been entertaining us ever since, while picking up multiple X Games gold medals in the process.

In 2004 she was included in the FHM list of 100 Sexiest Women, and rightly so. This California girl certainly was blessed with a pitch perfect body as well as a delightful inclination towards revealing it to the nearest cameraman with a checkbook. Winning.

1. Gretchen Bleiler

Practically the first lady of snowboarding whilst simultaneously encouraging indiscriminate adjustments of pants on pistes the world over, Gretchen Bleiler knows how to rock sex appeal on a halfpipe, where she was the first dame to land a Crippler 540 while competing.

The highly alluring four-times X Games gold winner has featured in photoshoots for various men’s magazines sporting her very favorite – and decidedly revealing – underwear, as well as fitting perfectly into awards-ceremony dresses – and she even looks good in a standard pair of jeans. Bona fide beauty with a trophy cabinet to match.

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