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10 Hottest Women CEOs


With all the hot, smart ladies who are taking business into their own hands nowadays, we’re starting to think maybe the feminist movement wasn’t such a bad thing after all. There’s nothing sexier than an assertive woman – well, not much anyway. So join us now as we celebrate our enlightened age, and the pleasing aesthetics of the liberated, boner-fied beauties who run some of our country’s most important businesses.

10. Kerry Knee

Along with her equally delectable sister, Krista, Kerry set up her business, Flirty Girls Fitness, and subsequently became the CEO. The company makes DVD fitness programs which claim to help the recipient lose weight through pole dancing lessons. No wonder she has such a smokin’ body. It would be so damn easy to write a joke about her specially honed skills working various types of poles that we just can’t bring ourselves to do it.

9. Candida Royalle

OK, so looks-wise she might be a bit of a has-been – which is a polite way of saying she’s a decade away from looking like a leather bag – but it’s what Candida did that puts her on the list. Namely: pornos. Do we really have to say any more? OK, fine. She is currently the CEO of Femme Productions, which is a company that makes boring sex videos for couples. She is also a former pornographic actress, and produces and directs all the jazz flicks herself. Nice.

8. Summer Bowen

Treehugger Summer Bowen created her eco-friendly lifestyle company, BTC Elements, after doing Conservation & Resource Studies at UC Berkeley. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two cats, and is definitely worth it – provided you can cope with the inevitable hairy pits. Just kidding.

7. Leslie Blodgett

Leslie, whilst CEO of female product company Bare Escentuals, also found the time to launch bareMinerals, a line of pure beauty products for women who want to feel beautiful ‘inside and out’. There is a certain significance to this move. She’s not only fairly tasty herself; she’s actually committed to making babes hotter. With that kind of winning combination she can be as pushy and demanding as she damn well likes!

6. Annalea Krebs

Some think she’s hot, others think she’s… not. Either way she seems to have made quite a name for herself in the Canadian business world as a sexy woman of power. Her company, TheChange, has something to do with social media and platforms and business and the internet – which is somewhat boring – but the sneaky suspicion that she might be as powerful and demanding in bed as she is in the office gives a nation of nerds a serious chub-on.

5. Iman

Where to start with lovely Iman? She was a supermodel for 14 years, she’s married to David Bowie, she was in Miami Vice, has featured in a video game, and is fine, fine, fine looking. Humanitarian Iman is CEO of her own cosmetics company, which manufactures unusual shades of make-up for women with darker skin colors. And, it has been such a success that it has made her very rich. Dope!

4. Gina Bianchini

Silicon Valley schwing-o-meters have never rung so loud as the time when Gina shuffled onto the scene. As CEO of some social network creation website called Ning, she reached levels of fame only accessible if you possess an admirable pair of norks and a half-decent business brain. Bianchini holds a B.A. from Stanford University and an M.B.A from Stanford Business School.

3. Sara Blakely

Like Leslie Blodgett, Sara is in charge of a company that provides an invaluable service for our blessed land. Her company, Spanx, which she started in 2000, sells slimming pantyhose and undergarments to all the chubbies and wideloads around the US. As every man knows, less fatties means more ogling, and more ogling means a happier nation. Yay Sara!

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate is susceptible to looking something like a frightened sea bass now and then, but clearly we’re not the only ones who seem to find this arousing. The former anorexia sufferer shares the management of the Olsen twins’ company, Dualstar Entertainment, with her former womb-mate. The other 50% of the hot dancing goblin duo, Ashley, has shied away from the public spotlight in more recent years to concentrate on her endless talents as a fashion designer, and despite having a face sorta like a slightly melted Muppet, we’ve got to concede she’s also totally hot in a weird kind of way.

1. Hilary Rowland

Eye-bogglingly hot Hilary gets 5 schwing stars out of 5 for her stunning blond good looks. However, the altruistic entrepreneur is more than just an appealing façade. Aside from being the CEO of her own charitable jewelery company, she also taught herself binary, invented the concept of online portfolios for models, and found some spare time to put together the first ever online magazine for girls. Smart as well as sexy – Hilary’s our girl!

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