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10 Hottest Weather Girls Ever


Weather Girls. You’ve gotta love em. Rain or shine, they’re always radiant – and how is it they manage to make pointing out whatever weather’s headed our way so goddamn sexy? A gesture here, a sweep of the hand there, and they may as well be beckoning drooling male viewers quietly to the boudoir. It wouldn’t matter if half of these hotties knew next to nothing about meteorology. And if they look as good as these girls, they can bring as much bad news about incoming low pressure as they like. Here are 10 weather girls so hot, they might be considered responsible for global warming.

10. Jill Nicolini

Almond-eyed Jill Nicolini may be the sexiest thing to have come out of Queens this century. The model, actress and TV star who reached the finals of reality show Married by America in 2003, appeared in the pages of Playboy earlier in her career – a piece of work that saw her stripped of her Miss Long Island crown by the prudes in charge of the competition. As for weather reporting – actually more travel reporting, if we’re going to be picky – in 2004 Jill was signed by WPIX-TV for the WB11 Morning News, and proved a cult smash with radio hosts Opie and Anthony who were impressed by her journalistic talent, reporting on a suspicious package in New York’s Holland Tunnel. Was it a sex bomb? Jill sure as hell is.

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