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10 Hottest Video Game Babes Ever


10. Ada Wong

There’s nothing ‘wong’ about this generously endowed babe from the Resident Evil series – rocking the classic femme fatale stockings and a Tommy gun look, what’s not to like?

9. Ivy Valentine

Ivy is an oversexed dominatrix described by a video game magazine as possessing a ‘punishing set of moves’ – I think I just wet myself.

8. Zelda

Zelda was hot, even in 8-bit – end of. We’d definitely smack that with our Ocarina of Time.

7. Christie Monteiro

Tekken’s hottest babe by far was played in real life by a Maxim model – she’s also a master of Capoeira, so she’s blatantly a demon in the sack!

6. Sonya Blade

Just. Check. Out. Those. HOOTERS! This bombshell pulls off that tricky combo of being hot AND butch at the same time.

5. Princess Peach

Staple of our video game porn addiction since we were 12. Peachy!

4. Mai Shiranui

The producers must have had fun creating this Fatal Fury babe: most fight scenes involving Mai include several shots focusing on her breasts and buttocks. Wearing dresses like that, who can blame them?

3. Joanna Dark

Joanna Dark, from the Perfect Dark series, definitely has the cutest accent in video games, and its matched by one of the cutest bodies. There’s something about that jump suit we just can’t resist.

2. Lara Croft

Almost the perfect package – our suspicion that busty brunette Lara was in to girl-girl action was confirmed by the choice of Angela Jolie to play her in the film adaption. Mmmmm, womb raider!

1. Samus Aran

Samus Aran does not rely on massive bazookas or a pert behind to be hot – although she’s most definitely got them. Not only is she THE most badass fighting chick ever created, but she brings a touch of class to the video-game sex world.

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