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10 Hottest Manga Characters Ever


Manga is an immensely popular form of entertainment. It is a billion-dollar business that is no longer exclusive to Japanese shores, now spreading worldwide and enjoying a devoted following, with animated spin-offs, conventions, cosplay, manga cafes, and even a museum in Kyoto dedicated entirely to manga. Boasting fantastic settings, creative adventures and enthralling characters, its style has aesthetically influenced comic books and animations in the West for decades. Here, we compile ten of the hottest female characters ever to grace the pages of manga.

10. Yoruichi Shihōin – Bleach

This dark-skinned former captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13 is not only bright and witty, but is also adept at cutting people to pieces with her considerable sword skills. Uniquely, she can also transform into a black cat. Born into nobility, Yoruichi’s feline side is reflected in her laid-back, flirtatious and playful nature (and perhaps also her love for milk). Me-ow!

9. C.C. – Code Geass

An immortal with an appetite for pizza, C.C. (pronounced C2) is incapable of growing old or of being killed by any conventional method. She has survived being shot on numerous occasions, as well as being burned, beheaded and crushed, and being trapped inside an iron maiden. Her immortality has made her an aloof and sometimes lonely person with few real friends – which is perhaps surprising considering her wardrobe of sexy costumes.

8. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck – Bleach

Unusually amongst the mostly evilly-inclined Hollows of the manga series Bleach, Nel Tu is rather laid-back, compassionate and even cheerful at times. The broken ram-horned skull that makes up her headgear is all that remains of her once fearsome Hollow mask. Nel Tu also has a strong sense of honor and respects her warrior opponents. With her skimpy green ripped costume it’s plain to see why Tite Kubo’s creation wows her male fans.

7. Hakufu Sonsaku – Ikki Tousen

Yuji Shiozaki’s Ikki Tousen manga series is based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms – a venerable Chinese romance novel. Set during an all-out war for territory in Japan’s Kanto region, combatants from seven schools fight against each other to gain supremacy.

One of these fighters is the alluring but battle-hardened Hakufu Sonsaku. An able pugilist, she also has a particularly well-endowed physique which has led to a variety of nicknames. Despite her girlish nature, there is a shadowy and deadly side to her destiny. Still, these are character flaws you might be inclined to overlook…

6. Maya Natsume – Tenjho Tenge

Another martial beauty, Maya Natsume is certainly not shy about showing off her curvaceous figure. Usually found sporting bust-revealing blouses and short skirts, Maya’s high-kicking close combat prowess often has her flashing her panties at anyone in the immediate vicinity. It must be mentioned here that Maya’s “Dragon’s Gate” is linked to trees, thus making her adept at manipulating wood…

5. Rosette Christopher – Chrono Crusade

Set in 1920s prohibition-era America, Chrono Crusade follows stockinged Rosette Christopher’s adventures with Chrono – her soul-bound demonic partner.

Members of the Catholic Church’s Magdalene Order, they travel around the post-World War I US and defend humanity from devilish attack with an arsenal that fuses myth, religion and technology. Driven by a past veiled in darkness, Rosette searches for Joshua – her lost brother – while dressed in her saucy attire.

4. Tsukiumi – Sekirei

Sakurako Gokurakuin’s manga series Sekirei follows the exploits of central character, Minato Sahashi, a ronin who failed college. Minato first encounters the alluring Tsukiumi in a dream in which she threatens to kill him. Handily, for male readers, Tsukiumi is often illustrated wearing a skimpy maid’s outfit which shows off her famous cleavage.

3. Medaka Kurokami – Medaka Box

Penned by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Akira Akatsuki, the Medaka Box manga series revolves around Medaka Kurokami’s adventures as a student council president dedicated to improving her academy. With help from her childhood friend, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, Medaka manages to kick ass while making sure there is plenty of flesh on show.

2. Boa Hancock – One Piece

As an empress, a pirate, Snake Princess of Amazon Lily, and the only female member of the Shichibukai, Boa Hancock must have the males around her perma-drooling. With her revealing attire, ample bosoms and slender figure, it’s easy to see why she is considered to be something of a manga stunner, even if she is a bit, well, serpentine…

1. Rangiku Matsumoto – Bleach

A voluptuous lieutenant in Gotei 13’s 10th Division, Rangiku Matsumoto is certainly no wilting wallflower. Wavy blond hair, a sensual figure and an impressive rack make Rangiku Matsumoto deserved of the top spot in our countdown, especially as she often immodestly allows her robes to mesmerizingly hang loose. Male fans are fond of the fact that this hard-drinking, paperwork-shunning hottie is not above using her ample feminine charms to get what she wants, and she often mentions her considerable breasts in casual conversation – whether appropriate or not.

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