10 Hottest Hollywood Babes Busted for DUI

We all enjoy looking at hot female celebrities. It’s part of our culture, and our biology. However, if there’s one thing that modern society enjoys perhaps even more, it’s celebrities taking a nose dive into the abyss that is everyday life. The know-alls like to call it schadenfreude. We call it a whole lotta’ fun.

Yes, it’s always satisfying to know that those babes you idolized your whole life are as flawed as the rest of us lowly bums thanks to their unpredictable drunken antics – antics that can land them in searing hot water if they have one too many and then get behind the wheel. Here, we compile the ten hottest actresses ever to get busted for DUI.

10. Mischa Barton

Half Yank-half Brit Mischa Barton isn’t as well-known for her partying as some fellow celebs, but she’s certainly given it her best shot. In 2007, she was pulled over by traffic cops for driving her car in the style of Stevie Wonder, and slapped with two misdemeanor charges – including a DUI – having initially also been arrested for possession of some fun herbs.

The O.C. star’s hefty bail ensured hers was a brief stay in the slammer, and she lived to fight another day entertaining millions of men everywhere with her skinny good looks.

9. Kim Delaney

Kim Delaney is an underrated beauty in the television and movie world, who regularly made NYPD Blue worth watching back in the day – hey, she even won an Emmy for her efforts. Her lackluster movie career might explain the lack of a bespectacled fan base clamoring for pictures of her breasts, but that does not detract from her inherently teasing good looks.

Hotness aside, Delaney was arrested outside her home in 2002 when she refused a breath test, which seems like a really good way to spend the night anxiously pacing a jail cell. She later pleaded no contest to the charge of reckless driving and was sentenced to two years’ probation. NYPD booze, indeed…

8. Michelle Rodriguez

Sultry Mex flash in the pan Michelle Rodriguez played a tough talking survivor of a plane crash on hit show Lost, and ironically in real life has had her share of car crash scrapes. In 2003, she was busted for a DUI and a hit and run, pleading no contest to both.

Not to be outdone by celebrity rivals to the throne of drunken automobile escapade queen, she served her 48 hours in jail, did community service at a couple of morgues and entered an alcohol program… Before, in 2005, getting busted all over again in Hawaii while filming for Lost – pleading guilty to a DUI charge after a slew of speeding tickets more boring to list than the entire six series of the show in which she starred. She may be hot, but man is she stupid.

7. Cynthia Watros

Another Lost cast member who decided to have one cocktail too many and then foolishly go for a drive was Cynthia Watros, who played the mysterious strawberry blonde Libby in the aforementioned yawnathon.

Watros’ DUI charge was handed out on the same day as Michelle Rodriguez – who played Ana Lucia – received hers, leading one to wonder whether they might have spent the evening together getting a little bit too tanked after a successful shoot. Surely it would have been better for everyone if their drunken exploits led them to making out? Instead, rather more boringly, Watros was released on $500 bail. Fittingly both Libby and Ana Lucia were subsequently killed off in an episode titled ‘Two For The Road.’

6. Paris Hilton

Eligible for the award of stupidest human on earth, shaved ape and sometime ‘actress’ Paris Hilton divides male attention 50/50. Either you think she’s the hottest thing since Tabasco sauce, or you regard her as uglier than a scrotum with a face drawn on it. We happen to think she’s smokin’, but there’s no disputing that she’s caused some stirs since her ascent to worldwide notoriety.

Hilton was arrested on a number of occasions back in the Noughties, including for driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08%, leading to her license being suspended and a no contest plea to the booze related charge of reckless driving. It’s hard to be mad, though: when you’re so dim that you probably can’t even spell your own name, you probably shouldn’t be allowed in a vehicle in the first place.

5. Nicole Richie

Paris Hilton’s ex-partner in crime Nicole Richie appeared alongside her childhood buddy in the delightfully titled The Simple Life way back when. The two were seemingly inseparable then, but all good things must come to an end, as indeed they did in 2007 for ‘undisclosed reasons.’

The adopted daughter of legend Lionel Richie spent a good few years attempting to slowly kill herself with partying, and was pulled over by the 5-0 in 2003 and charged with the possession of some smack. Not one to put the brakes on, in 2006 the occasional bit-part actress was arrested for a DUI after driving the wrong way down a freeway in LA while under the influence of several shades of chemical. The troubled starlet soon bounced back, though, and luckily for penis-owners everywhere, adopted kids tend not to resemble their parents… Yep, she may be a douche, but she is hot.

4. Lori Petty

Lori Petty may look like a neglected boy nowadays, but she was somewhat buff back in her day. The Chattanooga native had a borderline career appearing in such howlers as A League of Their Own and Tank Girl, but redeemed herself somewhat by starring in the child-of-the-90s’ classic Free Willy, not to mention Swayze ‘n’ Reeves male bonding-fest Point Break .

But we digress… Petty was arrested following an incident in 2009 in which she allegedly drunkenly mowed down a skateboarder. She was given 5 years probation for the DUI offense, which she claimed would be her first and last foray into the world of chemical-fueled extreme sports (Point Break notwithstanding).

3. Lisa Robin Kelly

A made for TV babe from the very beginning, Lisa Robin Kelly made her debut on Married With Children back in the ’90s, eventually going on to play a major role as Eric’s hot sister in the putrid That ’70s Show.

Although she played something of a slutty sweetheart in the pre-Eighties period comedy, her infamous mugshot – taken after a 2010 DUI incident to which she pleaded guilty – shows that she’s aged about as well as a rotten bag of fruit. A year’s probation was handed out, which we hope she used to clean herself up – in more ways than one.

2. Shayne Lamas

Known for her portrayal of a young Carly Corinthos in General Hospital and for winning the twelfth season of The Bachelor, the curvy but affable Shayne Lamas is yet another small-time celebrity who seems incapable of walking home from the saloon.

The Malibu-born blonde was arrested after failing a breathalyzer test in Venice, CA later pleading guilty to a charge of “wet reckless” and getting sentenced to three years’ probation. Presumably she bagged a female cop, ’cause no male on earth would write her a ticket if she flashed some cleavage!

1. Lindsay Lohan

Crapulent sexpot Lindsay Lohan is something of a mugshot veteran in Hollywood circles. The fiery red-haired man/cocaine eater has seemingly been downtown with the feds more times than you’ve had warm dinners.

In 2007, she was sentenced to one day in the clanger and 10 days’ community service for driving under the influence – her second such offense of the year – and subsequently admitted that her life was out of control due to her addiction to drugs and alcohol. It’s a good job she’s undeniably hot. When she’s not out of her mind.

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