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10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses With Embarrassing Boob Enlargements


These days, having a boob job seems to be as common as going to the dentist to get a tooth removed, and while the procedure’s not necessarily as painless, the results are decidedly more eye-catching. Still, accidents happen, and sometimes the outcome of a boob job proves less than satisfying… as some of these Hollywood babes well know. For others, of course, there’s no surgery involved here. There has simply been a magical – nay, miraculous – boost in breast size that seems to have happened overnight. Here are ten actresses whose gazongas have been enlarged – one way or another – with embarrassing consequences. Golden Globe Awards of a different kind…

10. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera: an actress? Yes, believe it or not – and it does depend on your definition of the word – the brunette-cum-blond singer has made appearances in movies such as Shark Tale, Get Him to the Greek and 2010′s decidedly average Burlesque, in which she starred. Yes, Christina’s chesticles definitely seem to have swollen over the years, with some suggesting she’s moved from a decidedly modest A cup to now have cones of a singularly more squeezable C size. Despite rumors, Xtina has never herself admitted to having boosted her bazookas by going under the knife, but 2010 pics seemed to show a scar under her arm – the possible sign of a boob job method where implants are inserted through an armpit incision – which might have blown her cover.

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