10 Hottest Cougars of 2010

2010 may be the Chinese year of the tiger, but as far as Hollywood is concerned it was most definitely the year of the cougar. To some, they epitomize modern feminism. To others, their existence is merely a misogynistic male fantasy. One thing, however, is certain: cougars are prowling all over the global cultural landscape, led by a host of mature Hollywood babes who know what they want and aren’t afraid to take it. Check out our list of the movers and shakers in the cougar world.

10. Madonna

When it comes to predatory older women, Madonna is a living legend, and although she’s a little washed up these days, you can’t deny she still oozes sex appeal. Over the years many a finely-chiselled young man has fallen prey to her seductive powers and found himself dragged back to this cougar’s den. And bearing in mind Madge was recently snapped gleefully leaving a London hotel with a bag containing a ‘Purple Penetrator’ strap-on sex toy, we’re not sure we really want to know what goes on in that den…  Her endless string of toy-boys has a whiff of desperation about it – she recently split from model Jesus Luz claiming that she had ‘nothing in common’ with the Brazilian, who was 28 years her junior. No s*** Madge.

9. Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall may have played a vivacious cougar and self-proclaimed ‘try-sexual’ (yes, she’ll try anything once) in Sex and the City – but for Kim, Samantha Jones was no act. After penning The Art of the Female Orgasm with hubby, Mark Levinson, she promptly went off in search of younger pickings (perhaps it was a case of ‘better on paper’ for Mark…). Frequently linked with a string of younger studs, including basketball players Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley, Kim sealed her cougar credentials by shacking up with chef beau, Alan Wyse, an impressive 22 years younger. As one keen blogger pointed out, ‘for Kim Catrall, life imitates art very well.’

8. Sandra Bullock

Not only is Sandra Bullock a stalwart of the cougar scene in Hollywood (and pretty hot to boot), but she’s living proof that the cougar lifestyle isn’t always simply a desperate attempt to turn back the years. Previously linked with Ryan Gosling, 16 years her junior, Sandra married younger motorcycle maniac and former host of Monster Garage, Jesse James, in 2005. It doesn’t get much more macho than that, and what’s more the couple are still going strong, proving that, for Sandra at least, being a cougar is more the product of happy circumstance than the result of a mid-life freak-out over wrinkles. You go girl!

7. Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch may have been the ‘Most Desired Woman’ of the 1970’s, but for a 67 year she most definitely has still got it. We’re talking glamorous, sophisticated, the type of woman who could teach you a thing or five in the bedroom (and have enormous fun into the bargain). Her cougar career stretches back decades and makes even seasoned predators like Madonna look tame by comparison. Sadly though, in a disappointing interview for all you budding toy-boys out there, Raquel claims she’s sworn off younger men: “I feel a terrible failure. I don’t go for much younger men anymore. I don’t think it’s a good idea for me.” Before you reach for your revolver however, get this: following her recent separation from her fourth husband – 15 years younger – Raquel is back on the prowl, and as we all know, old habits die hard.

6. Shania Twain

Despite being the wrong side of 40, Shania Twain is most definitely one hot property – just check out the legions of devoted Facebook fans who joined the not-so-subtly named group ‘Shania Twain is Hot as F***’. Says it all really. When she busts out that immortal line, ‘man, I feel like a woman’, you know you’d chew off your own fingers just to spend the night with her. No discernible history of cougar behavior as of yet, but rumor has it that following her split from her husband in 2008, Shania is back in the game and has told friends she ‘wouldn’t mind’ a younger man. I think I just wet myself.

5. Courtney Cox

Cougars are the type of woman who know exactly what they want and how to get it. In Courtney Cox’s case, she wants to bed younger men and make tons of money out of it. And that’s exactly what this feisty minx did when she decided to enlighten the masses and turn her off-screen cougar shenanigans into one of 2010’s most hyped new series, Cougar Town. As with all the best cougars, Courtney has managed to blur the boundaries between being a predatory MILF on-screen and actually bedding loads of hot younger men, becoming in effect, a professional cougar.

4. Demi Moore

If Bruce Willis thought she was hot enough to bed, who are we to argue (you’d not only be stupid to argue with Bruce Willis, but probably very quickly dead too). Demi has gone from one extreme to the other, first snagging older men and then homing in on younger stars, before finally settling on baby-faced stud, Ashton Kutcher – 15 years her junior. The sexy star, who has a massive following on Twitter, has been credited with sparking a boom in the number of women seeking toyboys, but still claims she doesn’t understand how she’s become a poster girl for cross-generational relationships. Yeah, weird that, isn’t it Demi? Kutcher himself says she’d rather be known as a ‘puma’, but quite frankly as long as she continues with the naked photo shoots – like the one she gave herself as a 41st birthday ‘present’ – we’d call her whatever she liked

3. Sheryl Crow

This blonde bombshell has never been married, and despite being 48 had the stamina to run cycling hero, Lance Armstrong, completely ragged. Most of her recent relationships have been with younger men, including ex-fiance Armstrong (nine years younger), Kid Rock (also nine years younger) and Owen Wilson (six years younger). That’s quite some list, but Sheryl refuses to give up there, as plans were recently announced to join the set of Courtney Cox’s Cougar Town playing, you guessed it, a predatory mature beauty. Seeing as that basically involves playing herself, we think she’ll do rather well.

2. Michelle Pfeiffer

What’s that we hear trundling in the background? A bandwagon? Yes Michelle it is, and you better jump on quickly. And she did. Michelle Pfeiffer became the latest celeb to turn cougar when she starred as drop-dead gorgeous Léa de Lonval in the hit movie, Chéri. Having said that, calling her a cougar to her face would definitely ruin your already slim chances with this mature stunner, considering she recently declared she hated the word: “I so hate that term! Colette wrote these novels [about older women with younger men] so long ago, but even today they’re ahead of their time in the way we perceive women’s power and sexuality.” Not just a pair of legs then.

1. Helen Mirren

The undisputed Queen of cougars, Helen Mirren is bona-fide Cougar Royalty. Just check out the shots of the stunning 64 year old beautifully filling her red bikini that circulated all over the internet like wildfire last year. Carrying herself with elegance and grace, but with a history of sexual experimentation that stretches back into time immemorial, Dame Helen is the star men want to bed, and women want to be when they grow up. And who can blame them. At the 2007 Academy Awards, Jack Black and Will Ferrell declared her to be ‘hot’, all but begging to get into her pants. And on the red carpet, her Queen co-star Michael Sheen confessed, “She attracts a lot of men, she certainly attracted me.” And long may she reign.

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