10 Hottest Celebrities Who Are Freakin’ Nuts on Twitter

Twitter: the social networking website which put the final nail in the coffin of mainstream celebrity dignity. As if reality TV weren’t enough already, it seemed imperative to someone that the Hollywood crowd – renowned as they are for looking good and thinking little – be given an extra little slice of influence over the unwashed populace of the world. Inevitably, it’s produced some darned interesting results, and we’ve decided to publish some serious highlights. Scroll down for a trip into the minds of the nuttiest – and hottest – celebrity Twitter addicts.

10. Tila Tequila

Aside from her constant tweets referring to her party lifestyle and ‘celebrity’ friends, and a running commentary on which sexual orientation she’s decided to lean towards each week, rapper and model Tila has spent a considerable amount of time on the popular social website treating followers to her frankly loopy ‘poetry.’ Case in point: “I close my eyes N deep submerge, the frantic screams R now distant I count 2 30, heartbeat slowing down, I see flashes of my life B4 I drown.” Best stick to the lingerie modeling…

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