10 Hottest Actresses Dressed As Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa: we all loved him as kids. Hot celebrity babes: we all love them as adults. So what happens when you put the two together? Excellent Christmas-y photoshoots, it seems. Yes, there appears to be no shortage of famous hotties willing to undress and step into the iconic red and white, which makes us very, very happy – kind of like a kid around the Christmas tree! Here we carefully unwrap and examine the ten hottest examples. Merry Christmas!

10. Aria Giovanni

A nice beginning courtesy of former pornographic actress and star of the movie Survivors Exposed, Aria Giovanni, whose sizable if not necessarily natural assets put about 80 percent of the world’s female population to shame. Can we say that out loud? We can certainly think it…

9. Stacy Keibler

Santa as a concept is magical, but also cruel. As a kid you know him as the guy who takes your milk and cookies (precious commodities in any household), who gropes your mom when he thinks you aren’t looking, and who gives all the best toys to the rich kids. Then one day, he suddenly doesn’t exist, and the magic of Christmas is lost forever. Suffice to say, if Santa had existed – and was as perfect as he’s made out to be – we’d be owed about 13 boxed, naked Stacys by now. Instead we’ll have to make do with locking the doors, drawing the curtains and watching her wrestling videos on a constant loop until the only way we can talk is using theatrical threats.

8. Jessica Simpson

Ah, Jessica. Though you are the dumbest woman on the face of the earth you still cheer us up with your sultry smile and cheeky flash of cleavage. A winning Santa to brighten up any Christmas party, clueless celebrity Jessica Simpson definitely gets at least 4 schwing stars out of 5 for her ability to confuse us – by making a hat our dads used to regularly don at Christmas something we want to see in the bedroom.

7. Brooke Shields

There is a theory that the reason some men find overdressed women so sexy is because of the allure of a hot woman wearing many layers so as not to make it obvious. It’s like pass the parcel: be patient and unwrap, and you will receive the reward at the end. Brooke Shields proves this point perfectly in this playfully classy outfit. For the first time in years it’s time to use your imagination – and what a mental image it is! We wonder how the lucky bastard she’s sat on hasn’t embarrassed himself…

6. Michelle Monaghan

Aesthetically pleasing and heavily armed Mission Impossible actress tries to smuggle jewelery out of mall disguised as Santa. There’s a headline for ya, courtesy of nicely endowed star Michelle Monaghan. If we saw this coming down the chimney on Christmas day wielding a gun, we’d be forced to offer more than milk and freakin cookies.

5. Lindsay Lohan

Remember that scene in Mean Girls? You know, the one where Lohan sells out and dresses as a sexy Santa? Oh you didn’t watch it? Good. It’s a piece of crap. Lohan is hot in it though, and if you don’t want to have to sit through the most overrated girlie movie of all time just to see some sexy Santa action then today truly is Christmas come (slightly) early – ’cause here she is, rocking the same hat.

4. Britney Spears

Pre-chrome-domed-crying-herself-to-sleep phase Britney managed to make the crappiest substandard cola in the world a little more attractive by featuring in this series of ads dressed in a fetching Santa suit. Who could want more on Christmas day than the wholesome all-American songstress approaching you with the eggnog and mistletoe? Well, that’s what we used to think; nowadays she’s more likely to approach you with torn up photographs of herself and a teddy bear’s head, screaming and laughing.

3. Holly Madison

The generously proportioned bit-actress and playmate has always been known for her interesting choice of outfits, and she definitely does not disappoint with this number. She’s the perfect present, delightfully wrapped, and sparkling like a Christmas tree dusted with snow. Okay, okay, it probably doesn’t reveal quite enough for our liking, but look at how hot she is! She’s probably the only woman on earth who could rock a pair of ketchup stained jogging bottoms and a crusty old t-shirt and still look awesome.

2. Pamela Anderson

Remember back in the day when the schoolyard staple of ‘hot’ was Pamela Anderson? She practically became a goddess. Anyway, as a homage to the once omnipotent queen of blond, fake-breasted hottery, we tuck into a nice slice of nostalgia by ogling at her, legs akimbo, dressed as our other favorite childhood character. Throw in Lucky Charms cereal and it may as well be the winter of ’95 all over again. I hope I get that Sega.

1. Denise Richards

Denise Richards. The name is synonymous with arousal. Santa Claus? Not so synonymous. Together? Double arousal, which – incidentally – would be an excellent name for a porno flick – starring the Wild Things star of course. Oh, Denise. Never has a Christmas shoot been quite so alluring as the one which spawned this picture, the only one in which there isn’t a cheesy thought of reindeer or sleigh bells to be heard. Just boobs. And boners.

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