10 Hottest Acid Heads in History

Acid played an important part in the culture of the last century. So, incidentally, did good looking women. Combine the two and it’s a blend you’ll never forget. No doom, no fear, just ’60s vibes, boobs, and awesome music. So join us now as we examine the top 10 hottest acid heads in history. And if you see John Lennon’s shadow crawling up your leg, vomiting multicolored baseballs, have no fear – it’ll be over in a few hours.

10. Jerry Hall

Former girlfriend of gurning rock bastard Mick Jagger, and a professional model, Jerry admitted in her autobiography that it took a trip on the fun stuff to convince her to go down the route she did. Apparently the innocent celebrity had no idea that the small square bit of funky looking paper you put on your tongue was a drug, let alone a hallucinogenic one. Cue hours of staring into a mirror in a locked bathroom and then the beast was unleashed.

9. Michelle Phillips

What’s the most polite way of saying what I’m about to say? OK, basically, The Mamas & the Papas were divided into two unique and separate halves when it came to their lady folk. On one side was the… aesthetically, gastronomically challenged Mama Cass. On the other? Michelle Phillips. The monstrously hot ’60s and ’70s starlet was a quarter of the hippie foursome who had a massive hit with ‘California Dreamin’. They were friends with The Beatles. She performed with Cheech & Chong. And she had, quote, the fondness for the old LSD. Describing an acid fueled trip to the Bahamas, Phillips said: “It was very sensual, I can tell you.” Need we say more?

8. Paris Hilton

OK, we cheated a little here because, technically, hotel heiress and airhead socialite stick insect Paris hasn’t actually admitted taking LSD (and many would argue she isn’t actually that hot). Ms Hilton has admitted to the consumption of magic mushrooms in her past, but rumors of her having made the trip over to the special place of tabs and blotting paper have never been verified. One can only hope she’s regularly on something strong, because if her standard behavior is down to her own rational and sober thought processes, something’s seriously wrong. Like a bad trip.

7. Anaïs Nin

One of the earliest users on our list, Anaïs Nin lived a bohemian lifestyle in New York in the 1930s and 1940s, sharing her life with such dignitaries and literary figures as Henry Miller and Gore Vidal. She published an infamous series of erotic novels, and was a famously passionate lover. It was in the 1950s that she discovered LSD – later describing the experience as being a “shortcut to the unconscious.” We guess this entry is kind of like your friend having a hot grandma who was totally awesome, and you having a time machine.

6. Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is the hottest MILF in the whole world. End of discussion. Next question. Now that we’ve made that clear, we can talk about her being an LSD user. The much revered dame of the silver screen took her first and last tab on a stroll through the British countryside when she was a young actress in the 1960s. She recalled in an interview on the subject that although it was an amazing experience, it was too much for her. Best stick to taking your clothes off, Helen.

5. Courtney Love

Once glitteringly attractive queen of grunge, and current world champion mess, Courtney Love is no stranger to the chemical side of life; she and her former husband Kurt Cobain were both the most renowned heroin users of the ’90s. So it was no surprise when she recently went on record admitting to having taken LSD when she was a small child. Love claimed it helped her become open-minded from a young age, and doesn’t regret the experience, which isn’t much of a shocker when you consider everything else in her life that she needs to regret first. Her current face, for instance. Or Hole.

4. Marge Simpson

No, it doesn’t matter that Marge isn’t technically real. Yes, she’s hot. And yes, she’s technically an acid head. She inadvertently drank water laced with LSD in a revenge plot undertaken by rival town Shelbyville, experiencing the walls melting, and the roast chicken exclaiming, “Frankly, I think I’m overdone,” then flying out of the window. And if you don’t agree that she’s hot, check her out in her college days. Jessica Rabbit doesn’t come close.

3. Angelina Jolie

Asking if Angelina Jolie is hot is as pointless as asking if Dolly Parton sleeps on her back. But what of the kooky Hollywood babe’s drug past? Jolie has admitted that she took LSD before going to Disneyland when she was a younger woman. It’s easy to see where she got the inspiration, but is Disneyland really the best place to have your first trip? Standing in the middle of Main Street USA seeing your dead grandmother crawling out of Goofy’s mouth clutching a transparent owl, while thousands of melting clown children point and laugh, has the potential to really fuck you up.

2. Janis Joplin

One of the women on this list who truly deserves the title Acid Head, Joplin was a true child of the hippie movement, an advocate of the ’60s vibe, and a major drug user. Despite – or perhaps because of – tragically dying of a heroin overdose at the age of 27, her legacy in the chemical hall of fame was sealed in the lexicon of pop culture. She even had a sheet of acid blotter posthumously designed for her by Robert Crumb!

1. Grace Slick

Another proponent of the acid decade, Slick was the lead singer of legendary acid rock acts Jefferson Airplane and later Jefferson Starship. Dubbed the Queen of Acid in her day, she was a hippie who put the schwing into the Schwining ’60s. She even had an attempt to spike Nixon with acid foiled upon arrival at the White House. Truly, 10 trips out of 10 for the stunning Slick.

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