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10 Hot Babes Dressed as Street Fighter Characters


Capcom’s perennial Street Fighter is a venerable and aged beast. Since 1987 the beat-em-up franchise has sold over 29,000,000 units; enough to stake its claim at the 40th spot on Wikipedia’s list of best selling video game franchises. With an international cast of kickass characters and addictive gameplay it’s no wonder it’s so popular. Today, however, we’re going to focus on a still more important aspect of this multifaceted punch/kick fest: the sweet, sweet ladies.

Street Fighter has spawned comic books, card games, animated films and even two Hollywood movies (not to mention a million D-pad blisters), but one related medium is rather more interesting to look at for the hot-blooded fight fan: cosplay.

Thankfully for us dribbling males, feisty and beautiful females have never been in short supply across the multitude of Street Fighter games. But while they may be nice to look at, bear in mind that they could totally kill you in the face. Here is a selection of some of the hottest cosplayers and actresses to have donned the deadly spandex. Hadouken!!!

10. Ibuki/Juri – RPGirlNess

Canadian cosplayer RPGirlNess kicks us off with a bang, making the list with not one but two Street Fighter characters: Juri, the ‘truly evil’ Korean Taekwondo devotee from Super Street Fighter IV, and Ibuki, the rather tasty young ninja from Street Fighter Third Strike (among others). But RPGirlNess doesn’t stop there, as Chun-Li, Sakura, another version of Juri and Crimson Viper are all featured among the impressive cosplay displayed on her site.

9. Elena – Unknown

Cosplayers are often a furtive bunch. They spend long hours indoors, sewing and stitching, gluing and cutting, and then, after showing off their creations at conventions and photoshoots, they sometimes disappear from the limelight without even so much as a name to go on. There aren’t many Elena cosplayers online, but this lithe offering fits the bill perfectly (as much as a non-African can). We’ve no idea who she is (do you?), but she certainly does a great job.

Kenyan character Elena first appeared in Street Fighter III where she excelled at beating her opponents senseless using a combination of Capoeira and not much clothing.

8. Poison – Omi Gibson

A cosplayer since the age of 10, Omi Gibson is something of an enigma in the West. With a wardrobe comprising of over a hundred costumes and a reputation for achieving absolute perfection with her various cosplay incarnations, Gibson is certainly a hardcore devotee. She has the good looks to complement her outfits, too. Here she is as Poison, the gender ambiguous character that has been used off and on by Capcom in the Street Fighter franchise.

7. Chun-Li – Francesca Dani

Hot Italian Francesca Dani is well-known in cosplay circles, and for good reason. A professional cosplayer and model, she boasts an impressive wardrobe (and web site) and is not averse to splashing the cash to ensure perfection: “I’m really a perfectionist,” she told magazine Cosplay Underground in its October 2004 edition. “I spend hours and hours around shops in search of the best fabric. I kind of have an obsession with fabric. I spend a lot of money on it.”

We conclude with our favorite quote from Dani: “I prefer to use material like Spandex, PVC and latex.” That should get a fair few readers hot under the collar…

Above we see the delightful Dani in her favorite Chun-Li get up.

6. Chun-Li – Haruna Anno

Another Chun-Li resides at number six (let’s face it, this whole list could comprise entirely of hot Chun-Lis!).

Not only is Haruna Anno a stunning model, but she can also kick your sun-deprived ass at Street Fighter IV (and probably a host of other gaming titles). When she posted up her statistics it was revealed that a mighty 83.13% of her 214 online fights were wins. If that weren’t impressive enough, she can also complete Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1 on the Nintendo Entertainment System without even looking at the screen. That’s right, fellas, this Gravure idol’s got the whole package!

5. Cammy – Precious

Cosplayer Precious is captivating as Cammy in this stimulating photoshoot.

She says: “I’ve been cosplaying since 2005, and I’ve been a nerd for much longer than that! I started cosplaying at my home convention of Comic Con after seeing some really inspiring creations, and it’s developed into a very time consuming hobby that’s worth every minute. I take pride in making all of my own costumes.”

‘Thrown together’ in a few days for Anime Conji 2010 (San Diego’s Anime Convention), Precious says that “Cammy is surprisingly comfortable to wear; I just can’t do any action shots!” This writer for one is voting for action shots at Anime Conji 2011!

4. Chun-Li – Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is no stranger to the dressing up box. Over the last few years the G4 Attack of the Show presenter and The Daily Show correspondent has donned a myriad of outfits and appeared as Wonder Woman, Slave Leia, a bunny rabbit and, well, just about every male geek’s fantasy at one time or another.

Munn got all Chun-Li’d up for a spoof commercial that advertises a new range of Street Fighter panties but also as part of Complex Magazine’s 2008 Hallowe’en edition photoshoot.

The actress, model and presenter is actually of Chinese descent on her mother’s side; perhaps this is what helps her pull off a character that was at one time Street Fighter’s only female eye candy.

3. Crimson Viper – Phoenix Kasai

As Crimson Viper, the undercover CIA agent, Phoenix Kasai makes for sizzling viewing. The character first appeared in Street Fighter IV where her natural speed and agility gained her more than a few fans. Cosplayer Phoenix Kasai manages to capture another of Viper’s special skills – hotness! Apparently, the costume was revealed at A-Kon 20 in 2009 where it was well received – and it’s not hard to see why.

Phoenix Kasai, who started cosplaying back in 2005, says she is “very happy with the way it turned out.” We are pretty happy too!

2. Chun-Li – Kristin Kreuk

Hollywood and video games are not usually easy bedfellows. Some of the worst films of recent decades have been cinematic tie-ins of popular gaming titles. There are barely any that can be called excellent movies and, sadly for Kristin Kreuk, 2009’s Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is no exception. Perhaps best known for her Smallville role as Lana Lang, the pint-sized Canadian at least offers viewers a different side to the Chinese qípáo-wearing, thigh-flashing pugilist. And what a delectable side it is! Nom nom nom, et cetera…

1. Cammy – Kylie Minogue

1994, and pocket-sized Australian actress and singer Kylie Minogue starred as Cammy White alongside an international cast that boasted Belgian face-kicker Jean-Claude Van Damme and the late Raúl Juliá in the first ever live action Street Fighter movie. Imaginatively entitled Street Fighter, the film was universally roundhoused by film critics but actually went on to accrue three times its production cost. Surely helping the cinema tickets sell was Melbourne-born Kylie’s appearance as the spirited, twin-braided agent who is working for British Intelligence. Never has a Cannon Spike looked so sexy.

In a quote so awesome it demands inclusion, one critic said of Street Fighter: “Even Jean-Claude Van Damme fans couldn’t rationalize this bomb, a more appropriate title for which would have been Four Hundred Funerals and No Sex (derived from Four Weddings and a Funeral)… It does, however, seem like Citizen Kane when compared to The Legend of Chun-Li.”

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