10 Greatest Feuds in Star Wars History

As the name implies, the Star Wars movies were all about the fighting. As converts at an early age, what always captured our imaginations were the big action scenes — the Rebel starfighters swooping down to attack the gigantic Death Star, the epic lightsaber fight on Cloud City, the massive space battle at the end of Return of the Jedi… Yet when it comes to the Star Wars franchise, sometimes the battles in court and behind the scenes have overshadowed even the battles on the silver screen. We list the top ten greatest feuds in Star Wars history.

10. Andrew Ainsworth vs George Lucas

Andrew Ainsworth was the art school graduate who designed the Stormtrooper costumes for George Lucas in the 1970s for a paltry £20 ($32) per helmet and £385 ($630) per suit. In 2002, the designer, who was apparently “struggling to pay school fees,” saw the benefits of having authentic gear to sell to Star Wars geeks, and set up shop churning out authentic replicas with his company Shepperton Design Studios. Two years later, he was sued for $12m by the Lucasfilm juggernaut for using their copyrighted property (as if they didn’t have enough money already). After an epic five-year legal battle, the Supreme Court finally ruled that the designer had the right to produce the suits of armor — but he still had to pay $10m damages. Just think, that’s almost enough to create another CGI Jar Jar (and knowing Lucas, that’s probably what it will go toward…).

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