10 Great Wrestlers Who Seriously Sucked As Actors

Remember the first time you were told Santa wasn’t real? Probably didn’t compare to the first time you were told that everything you ever saw in WWE as a kid was fakery, right? Wrestlers are, in theory, the greatest actors on earth, so why is it that their ventures into the mainstream film world are always so totally crappy? We don’t know, but we like it, and so bestow upon this phenomenon a top ten list of the very worst… Enjoy.

10. The Rock

Of the cornucopia of roles The Rock has enjoyed since leaving the wrestling world – including the seminal, groundbreaking, artistic masterpiece, The Scorpion KingTooth Fairy has to be his very lowest low. The knuckleheaded proponent of brutal moves seems to have forgotten all the acting he was taught in order to get through a round in the ring, as his performance in this already barrel-scraping crock of celluloid feces is akin to watching Bush struggling through a speech. The synopsis is achingly dumb: The Rock (who now calls himself Dwayne Johnson) starts out as an immoral shithead who, through total magic, is transformed into the good guy after a grueling stint as the tooth fairy. Vomit away, this film blows.

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