10 Great Hollywood Actors Who Love Making Terrible Movies

No actor appears in great movies consistently and without fail, but there are some who seem a little more attracted to bad ones more than most. There are certain Hollywood actors who make you wonder how they managed to star in so many good flicks when they are clearly as wooden as an Austrian forest (*cough* Keanu Reeves). And then there are great, genuinely talented actors who seem to go from picking up Oscar nominations one week to wearing a cape and plastic vampire teeth on the set of some B-movie the next. In view of this, we list 10 great Hollywood actors who love to make terrible movies.

10. Nicolas Cage

It’s easy to mock his overbite and poor movie choices, but Nicolas Cage has always been a good actor, Con Air notwithstanding. In 1995, he became the fifth youngest leading man ever to win an Academy Award for his role in tragic alcoholism drama Leaving Las Vegas, and his performances in movies like Raising Arizona resulted in film critic Roger Ebert citing him alongside great actors like Pacino and De Niro. The star currently earns around $40 million a year and is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, but unfortunately he has largely reached that position by seeking out the most lucrative roles available, regardless of the quality of the films. It’s not surprising, then, that Cage has spent most of his recent career appearing in high-paying movies of dubious quality (Windtalkers and The Wicker Man, anyone?). Interestingly, his $20 million pay check for National Treasure was, according to some sources, approximately 80 times more than the amount he was paid for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas…

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