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10 Eighties Action Stars Who Are Now Total Nobodies


The 1980s were the golden age of macho action movies, and many a wooden bodybuilder who knew the right way to hold a machine gun got their acting careers made during that era. With the release of The Expendables and the increase in 80s nostalgia, stars like Dolph Lundgren — who no one ever thought would make a comeback — have movie careers worth mentioning again. But in this case a rising tide didn’t quite lift all boats, and there are plenty of old-school action stars out there who are still retired or stuck in straight-to-DVD hell. We list ten action stars who probably wish we were still living in the Reagan era.

10. Sonny Landham

In the 80s Sonny Landham had some impressive acting credentials: after starting out in porno flicks, the granite-faced star went on to appear in classic blockbusters such as 48 Hours and Predator — in the latter of which he played enigmatic muscleman tracker, Billy. Unfortunately, as a politician in the 2000s he was much less successful. His attempt to win the governorship of Kentucky was cut short after he “called for genocide against Arabs and referred to them as ‘ragheads'” (to quote Wikipedia). This resulted in him being fired by the Libertarian Party of Kentucky, as even they aren’t crazy enough to endorse that kind of crap. He has now gone back to his previously prolific career as an actor, but now appears in straight-to-DVD dreck. You would have thought a Native American descendent would be more sensitive about a subject like genocide…

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