10 Creepiest Celebrity Wax Replicas

As a celebrity, having a wax replica made of yourself is – next to a Hollywood star and having yourself recreated as a Lego mini figure – the greatest honor there is on Earth. But what if that damn thing doesn’t even look a bit like you? Bummer! Here are some alter egos that must’ve made the celebrities gasp in horror.

10. Julia Roberts

Ok, Julia Roberts is doe-eyed and shows all her pearly whites when she smiles. In real life, that looks really good. In wax, not so much. Someone should’ve told the artist who made the wax replica above that orange is not really a skin color. And blue eye shadow like that has been passé since the ’80s.

But wait, we take that back. It could be worse. Waaaayyyy worse. Here’s Julia Roberts if she were a transvestite:

9. The Seinfeld Cast

Somebody went to the trouble of making not one but three of the Seinfeld cast members before realizing that he or she sure needed a bit more practice. Or a better copy to work from. For once, George got lucky by being left out and doesn’t need to jump out of the window in horror like the rest of them…

8. Michael Jackson

They say let the dead rest in peace but we’re not so sure MJ can do that, knowing that, somewhere out there, this wax replica of his exists. When did the King of Pop ever look like a Japanese geisha whose hair dryer just exploded? Then again…

7. David and Victoria Beckham

We would’ve never thought that London’s Madame Tussauds would be so blasphemous and depict celebrity couples as Mary and Joseph in their Nativity scene. But, ok, it was Christmas, the time of forgiving and forgetting, so why not? But at least they should’ve made sure their wax Marys and Josephs look somewhat like to the real celebs. In the image above, Becks looks like a homey gone soft and Posh would’ve surely not been pleased with that Pinocchio nose…

See, here she is taking a critical look at her Posh Spice alter ego at the Madame Tussauds Rock Circus in London. Doesn’t look pleased at all…

6. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Want a really good laugh? Here’s Brangelina in the same Nativity scene set up. While Jolie’s quite life-like, Pitt seems to have been confused with Jack the Ripper.

5. Britney Spears

Yes, in all fairness, we admit that Britney’s face has come out nicely in this wax replica, except for the smile that’s a bit too toothy. But what on earth happened to her hair? We know Frizz-ease was on sale but the artist must’ve stocked up a bit too well. Oh, and try this out: if you cover the top part of Britney’s face, she looks like Lady Di. Seriously, try it!

4. Orlando Bloom

Speaking of mixed up identities: as a young actor, it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that even the people commissioned to do your wax replica don’t really know who you are and have created a replica of Johnny Depp instead. Legolas in full bloom (pardon the pun) would’ve been better than this!

3. Jennifer Lopez

Who’s that girl? Looking at the face doesn’t really give a clue. So we’re gazing down further, hunting for a hint… further… further… Ah, ok, now we can see the similarities.

2. Zac Efron

Ok, now that’s not fair. Zac Efron in real life seems to be a cute guy with a cool haircut who’s definitely not cross-eyed. This here is Ken on happy drugs busting High School Musical. Don’t the artists at Madame Tussauds know that at 22, Efron’s practically still a teenager? This could seriously damage his psyche. Shame on them.

1. Shah Rukh Khan

For Bollywood fans, having their idol recreated in wax must’ve been a great moment. But what disappointment when they saw the replica on the right that looks slightly Salman Khan-ish (he being another Bollywood star)!

Looking at all those celebrity replicas gone wrong makes you wonder if even famous establishments like Madame Tussauds really have only two moulds, one for female and one for male stars.

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