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10 Blogger Chicks We Want to See Naked


What with the world becoming the size of a ping pong ball and technology stringing us all together into one massive living, breathing, tweeting organism, it’s the quick thinking blogging queens of the internet who are truly dominating the blogosphere, sharing with literally hundreds of thousands of people a day their opinion on Ugg boots and cute puppies at the mere click of a button. At the risk of stepping even further onto the offensive side of playfully sexist, we think it’s important for the good of mankind that we share with you now our list of which of these aforementioned blogging ladies we would most love to see in the nude.

10. Wendy Cheng (Xiaxue)

A reputed racist and hater of the handicapped (note reputed!), Singaporean blogger and freelance writer Wendy Cheng – alias Xiaxue – is a definite qualifier for a hottest blogger countdown. Her blog is a sort of explosion of thoughts on life in her native country and glittery Apple accessories, which makes it a little alienating if you aren’t a Singaporean female. She does border on the irritating side of furiously-cute Asian-chick-chic, but the well written articles do make it a semi-fascinating read, however anthropological your intentions. Plus, you would, you definitely would.

9. Cali Lewis

Tweny-nine-year-old Texan Cali Lewis is one of those women who appears to have the worldwide media channels flying through her. She tweets, she does video podcasts, audio podcasts, online blog communities, internet shows… You name it, she’s WWW’d it. She even managed to get onto the commercial bill for the Superbowl in 2007, appearing in an advertisement for GoDaddy.com. She is, sadly, very happily married, to a man who managed to land her in controversy recently by admitting to posting a tweet on her behalf criticizing belief in climate change. D’oh!

8. Amanda Congdon

Web news host Amanda Congdon is another blog babe who has the ability to make heads turn through her awesome levels of schwing-tastic hotness. A two-year former host of fun news comedy show thingy Rocketboom, Amanda has been critically acclaimed for her animated approach to web presenting. During her time on the web news program she helped get the site from a paltry 700 views up to 70,000 in ten months. Clearly she has some talent. And damn she looks good in a bikini.

7. Jessamy Hawley

Gadget Candy’s Jessamy Hawley is another techno-lady putting paid to the myth that geeky women aren’t cute. She and the magazine she works for exist as a kind of friendly, understanding face for technology aimed at women who have trouble making the microwave work or changing their iPhone background. Basically she’s like a hot TiVo guy for your mom, expelling pearls of techy wisdom whilst perfectly modeling tight t-shirts.

6. Meme Molly

Taking the crown from the lovely Amanda Congdon and placing it firmly upon her own head, Meme Molly is the current presenter of Rocketboom. Hailing from Great Britain via Canada, 21-year-old Molly is certainly graced with aesthetic qualities, and despite having a slightly grating variety of English accent, she still managed to garner over 21 million views in the UK alone as of 2009. Her success is such that she was even nominated for a YouTube award for Best Commentary for one of her videos.

5. Violet Blue

Professional ball-ache and ‘controversial’ sex blogger Violet Blue has quite a reputation in the blogging community. Currently suing a broke porn actress for using her copyrighted name, Violet has also managed to piss off Boing Boing, one of the biggest blogs on earth, for undisclosed reasons and has unsuccessfully tried to prohibit certain people playing with her Wikipedia entry. Add to this list the fact that she also once considered herself a performance artist and you have the recipe for a seriously irritating individual. Good job she’s hot.

4. Sara Benincasa

Awkwardly hot in that way female comedians tend to be, funny woman Sara Benincasa is renowned for interviews conducted in bath tubs, her frank sexual talk show Get In Bed and her awesome responses to questions posed on her blog. The comedian was a journalist for MTV, covering the U.S. presidential elections in 2008, and now spends most of her time conducting her stand-alone show dealing with agoraphobia and anxiety disorders. Funny and right at home in a bikini; a classic combo.

3. Brigitte Dale

Brigitte Dale is one of the most wrap-up-in-swaddling, elf-like cuties the web has ever seen. She operates a video blog in which she discusses various elements of her life in a hypnotic, brashly edited and funny manner. She is so seriously cute it almost feels wrong wanting to see her naked; it would be like destroying a patch of rainforest or torturing a kitten. As a friend of ours put it: “I just want to bathe her in milk”.

2. Marlo Meekins

Whoever says men are only interested in one thing is about to be proved wrong; yes, Marlo Meekins is hot, but she’s also incredibly talented, which is what truly makes her irresistible. Meekins is a caricaturist and artist who blogs about her daily coming and goings, and spatters her writing with wacky illustrations that look like ’50s glamor magazine watercolor panels from the mind of a convicted sex pest. Clearly we aren’t the only ones who think she’s great, as she featured recently in Zoo magazine’s very own list of the ten hottest bloggers.

1. Veronica Belmont

Totally the hottest blogger ever, Veronica Belmont is not only ridiculously temperate in her looks, she’s also obsessed with technology. She is the co-host of Tekzilla and main host of Qore, the Playstation 3 oracle of video game goodness. Imagine, if you will, the kind of girl who upon waking up in your bed in the morning has started charging your laptop and warming up the Playstation for a morning razz on multiplayer Read Dead Redemption before you’re even awake, all the while dressed only in her underpants. This is the genre of female Veronica Belmont epitomizes. Epic Win.

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