10 Best Natural Hooters in Hollywood

When it comes to smuggling melons, we like them big, firm and natural. We believe that breasts are truly a gift – not only are they fun to look at/play with/suckle on, but they can propel their bearer chest-first, into a heady world of top-heavy stardom. And rightly so. But in our book, whilst it may be true that whacking great bazongas can get you far, especially in Hollywood, if they ain’t real, pass on that feel… or something like that. Anyway, we’ve decided to honor those glorious specimens who have resisted the knife to rock a fresh, firm natural look. We salute you!

10. Kim Kardashian

These stonking bazookas belong to model and actress, Kim Kardashian, and you can easily see why she has quickly gained acceptance as a premier socialite on the scene. If you’d like to see these badboys in action you’re in luck – you can check them out in the leaked celebrity sex tape she made with boyfriend, Ray J. Quickly… to Google!

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