10 Best Crime Movie Remakes Of All Time

Why would you want to reinvent a classic crime flick? Surely we didn’t need those terrible new versions of Assault on Precinct 13 and The Ladykillers? Yet while it’s true that most crime movie remakes are considerably worse than the originals, there have been a few which have bucked the trend by taking the ideas that made the first film great and running with them in a way which is just as good or even better. Without further ado, then, we list the ten best crime movie remakes of all time.

10. The Italian Job

The 2003 remake of The Italian Job doesn’t come close to the original English comedy, but taken on its own it’s still pretty enjoyable to watch. The story follows a gang of thieves out to avenge themselves against a traitor in their midst and steal back their stash of gold. The movie earned praise from critics for its fun action sequences and will entertain anyone who still feels a childlike joy in watching a car chase involving Mini Coopers driving through a train station. The only jarring issue is that the lead character is still called Charlie Croker, a name which doesn’t really work for an American: anyone but a London gangster with that name just sounds like a cartoon frog.

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